How little we know

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Odd news from around the world

Man receives first successful penis transplant in the US: “A cancer sufferer has received America’s first ever penis transplant after undergoing experimental surgery to attach a dead man’s member. Thomas Manning, 64, underwent the revolutionary operation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, enduring an incredible 15-hours on the operating table. The surgery was carried out as part of a study to help combat victims, cancer patients and those injured in accidents, reports the New York Times. Mr Manning, is not married and does not have any children. During surgery doctors connected nerves, veins and arteries from the donor penis to Mr Manning. Nerves are then expected to grow into the penis at a rate of about one inch per month, eventually enabling sexual function. Mr Manning will be on immuno-suppressants for the rest of his life”

Florida woman who was blind for 21 years miraculously regains her sight after spinal surgery: “A woman from Florida who was blind after being in a car accident has regained her sight after more than two decades without vision. Mary Ann Franco lost her sight in 1995 after suffering serious spinal damage from the accident. She recovered from her injuries, but lost her ability to see. Franco spent the next 21 years completely blind until a slip-and-fall in her Okeechobee home landed her back in the hospital. After surgery to repair the damage to her neck caused by the fall, she awoke to the view of a sailboat gliding on a lake past her window. Uncomfortable from the surgery, she asked the nurse ‘wearing purple’ for medication. It was the first time she indicated she could see. Not only had Franco’s vision returned, but she could also see color for the first time. Franco was colorblind her whole life. Doctors are baffled by Franco’s astonishing recovery and have theories, but no explanation for the woman regaining her sight”

Hundreds of THOUSANDS of live crabs wash up on Orange County beaches due to El Nino: “Thousands of tiny red crabs are carpeting beaches in Orange County and creating an amazing spectacle for swimmers and surfers. Lifeguards estimate that hundreds of thousands of the tiny crustaceans washed up Friday on beaches in Newport Beach. Others were spotted in Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach is within the Marine Life Protected Act, so the crabs wont be tampered with, reported the OC Register. ‘Where they lie is where they must stay,’ Marine Safety Lt. Kai Bond said. ‘We have to let Mother Nature take them away.’ Others reported seeing the crabs and commented on how there could be scores of them one day and then none at all. We have a band of them right by our (lifeguard) building down to Balboa,’ said Newport Beach lifeguard Capt. Boyd Mickley. The Orange County Register reports that pelagic red crabs are usually found off Baja California, but currents that are part of the El Nino weather pattern are sweeping them north. The 1- to 3-inch-long crabs have washed up for several years along the Orange County coastline”

The effect of putting a tax on gold imports: “At least three airline passengers have been caught smuggling bars of gold in their rectums in recent days, say authorities in Bangladesh. One man had eight gold bars concealed inside his body, while an X-ray revealed four bars inside a man who was in a great deal of pain, said customs officials. In a fourth incident, officers found nearly £500,000 worth of gold bars in a plane’s toilet. The latest arrest occurred today when customs officials detained a person who had eight gold bars hidden inside his body at Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, the Daily Star reported. The man had just stepped off a flight from Dubai and admitted to carrying the bars after being challenged at border control. Later, at the airport toilet, he pushed out eight bars worth nearly £40,000. On May 2, six bars of gold, weighing 600g and worth £26,500, were recovered from a passenger’s rectum. The 32-year-old man who smuggled the six gold bars told customs officials he was paid £265”

Another reason to be glad you don’t live in Chicago: “No one likes queuing on the way to starting their holiday, but spare a thought for these passengers stuck in a monstrous security line at one US airport. The footage was shot by a frustrated man at Chicago Midway last night (Thursday), and starting from near the front, he walks at a brisk pace for two minutes down the line. People are filmed approaching the line, only to be told by a security official, with a pointed finger, to join the back of the queue. The video, that has been viewed more than 650,000 times, was shared on YouTube by Sean H, and shows people snaking through doorways, around corners, and finally into a hallway, a far distance away from the TSA check. At the end of the video, the man filming pans the camera front on, and says: ‘Are you f****** kidding me TSA?’ ABC News reports that the ‘TSA’s administrator has testified on Capitol Hill about these problems, saying that TSA lost thousands of employees and some have yet to be replaced.'”

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