The times, they are a’changing

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Odd news from around the world

Two British female cops in fight ‘over who had best breasts’: “A senior policewoman has been suspended over extraordinary claims of a hotel bar row with a colleague – at an event designed to enhance the ‘profile and perception’ of female officers. Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe is said to have had a late-night argument with Superintendent Sarah Jackson about whose breasts were the most attractive. ACC Sutcliffe has now been suspended from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) for ‘inappropriate behaviour’. Her fellow officer is not facing any sanctions. The two women are said to have been among the last few guests at the hotel bar one night at the conference and had a loud disagreement about who had the ‘best boobs’. Following her suspension she faces an investigation by the force, which is already reeling from a string of scandals.”

This Pot Valued at $50,000 by Antiques Roadshow Was Really a High School Art Project: “It’s the American dream for any PBS enthusiast to take an old family trinket, or something he/she picked up at a garage sale, to Antiques Roadshow and find out it’s worth a small fortune. Everyone between the ages of 60-90 wants to be like that guy who found out his old blanket was worth $350,000. This story is pretty much the exact opposite of that. Last summer, Alvin Barr brought an objectively ugly old ceramic jug to be appraised during a Washington taping of Antiques Roadshow. There, appraiser Stephen L. Fletcher told Barr that “the potter has used an impressive array of techniques to come up with this extraordinary texture. This, in its own way, is really over the top. This ceramic jug, which Barr picked up at an estate sale in Eugene, Oregon, was worth between $30,000 and $50,000 according to Fletcher. But, as it turns out, this pot was actually made by an Oregon high school student in the mid ’70s”

Why men’s and women’s buttons are on different sides: “HAVE you ever wondered why women’s shirts and men’s shirts button up on different sides? Men’s dress shirts have their buttons on the right while women’s have them on the left — but why? It turns out it’s a throwback to the upstairs-downstairs days of Victorian society and the intricate layers worn by the ladies of the day. Back then, buttons were extremely expensive and therefore seen as a status symbol, so wealthier women had plenty of them on their dresses. But upper class women — who set the fashions of the day — rarely dressed themselves and therefore the elaborate outfits had to be fastened by someone who was facing them. So the buttons were placed on the left, to make it easier for the ladies’ maids to do up — assuming she was right-handed. While a few men had valets, most dressed themselves as their outfits were less complicated — so the button rows were designed for the wearer to be right-handed”

The Bom Jesus: Namibia’s ancient shipwreck thought to be the most significant ever: “IT IS every archaeologist’s dream — the discovery of a missing ship which disappeared more than 500 years ago with a treasure chest of gold on-board. Not only did the discovery of the resting place of TheBom Jesus solve one of the biggest maritime mysteries, but for chief archeologist Dieter Noli, it was a history-changing find. A ship which had disappeared on its way to India laden with gold in 1533 had vanished, its fate and that of her crew unknown. Fast forward 500 years and that mystery was closer to being solved when a group of miners hunting diamonds off the Namibian dessert stumbled across some strange objects. Unsure of what they were dealing with, the company they worked for, Namdeb Diamond Corporation, called in Dr Noli who instantly knew it was a shipwreck. However, it was a week into the excavation that a treasure chest laden with gold was found, with the coins indicating it had come from a Portuguese ship which had disappeared in 1533.”

Unusual climbing gear: “An incredible video has captured an Arabian man scale a three-storey building in under 20 seconds. Even more remarkable, he is wearing a full-length thawb and a headscarf. The footage was posted by the man’s friend and shows the man preparing for the challenge by flicking back his red keffiyeh. Bravely he then launches himself off a ramp and on top of a window. He scales another window in his long white thawb robe, before running carefully across the edge of the platform. In a final leap to clamber on top of the building he loses his headscarf’s band in the process. But he successfully conquers the large building. It is not clear exactly where the stunt took place”

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