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Odd news from around the world

Glide across the sea like a Bond villain: The futuristic £1million catamaran superyacht that flies across the water at 65mph: “London-based Glider Yachts has launched its 1,080-horsepower Glider SS18 concept that it hopes will revolutionise sea travel for Champagne-swigging tycoons and celebrities. Known as ‘M’, the £1million craft glides comfortably on the water on 60-ft long twin hulls, while a driver and up to four passengers are seated in a cockpit 10ft above the surface. Designed for high-speed luxury travel, a prototype was recently launched in Southampton, where it was built, and orders are being taken on the first production models, each of which can be customised to the owner’s liking. The high-performance vessel is powered by four 270-horsepower supercharged engines and can reach a top speed of 56 knots (65mph). A shallow draft allows the catamaran to enter bays that are off limit to superyachts or even land on beaches, and there is luggage space for passengers”

Boy, 15, discovers long-lost ancient Mayan city using constellations and Google Earth: “DEEP within a dense Central American forest sit the ruins of an ancient city the world forgot. And it has just been discovered by a precocious 15-year-old boy. Quebec teenager William Gadoury claims he has discovered a long-lost ancient Mayan city using a clever combination of old-world astronomy and ultra-modern technology. The inquisitive youngster, who has a deep fascination with ancient Maya, analysed 22 Mayan constellations and realised that the Mayans aligned their 117 cities with the positions of the stars. It was the first time a researcher had made a direct correlation between the stars and the locations of the Mayan cities, the Journal de Montreal reported. If his theory and calculations were correct, that would place the missing city in a remote coastal location on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Using satellite images from the Canadian Space Agency and Google Earth maps, William zeroed in on the precise location — and a pyramid and about thirty ancient buildings were spotted, partially hidden, in the dense forest”

Huge ghost ship washes ashore in Liberia on the west African coast: “AN oil tanker with nobody on board has mysteriously washed up on a beach on the west coast of Africa, leaving officials scratching their heads as to how it got there. The 63m, Panama-flagged Tamaya 1was found beached in Robertsport, Liberia on May 4 with no sign of captain or crew. The vessel’s last known position was recorded on April 22, 2016, as the ship was steaming southward at 0.7 knots towards Senegal after leaving the port of Dakar, according to Now, the ship cuts an eerie sight, dwarfing locals as they flock to the beach to marvel at it and speculate about what fate might have befallen its crew members. The Liberia national police and bureau of immigration inspected the ship, days after local residents first discovered it on the beach without a crew or lifeboats. A port authority insider said: “Our best bet is that the vessel’s owner might have gone broke and had no money to pay crew members … and therefore, the crew abandoned the ship.”

Aviation experts baffled after British Airways flight arrives at Heathrow with a square tyre: “AVIATION experts have been stunned by a photograph showing a square-shaped tyre on a British Airways A380 which touched down at London’s Heathrow Airport. The deflated wheel was part of the landing gear on the flight arriving from Hong Kong on Friday, according to The Sun. One serving airline captain said the tire probably detached from the wheel on landing when the brakes were applied, but stressed that the aircraft was never in danger. He added: “The tyres are pressurised to around seven times that of a car tire. Once depressurised the tyre will have ‘flatted’ while the (aircraft) was braking and once it did so it would then rotate through 90 degrees to another part of the tyre and then do it again — hence the four flats you see”

$74 million business jet could revolutionise air travel — with better windows: “THE days of craning your neck for a glimpse of the view outside a plane’s tiny porthole window could soon be over. Plans are underway for a revolutionary fleet of business jets outfitted with huge windows that would offer unparalleled views of the earth below — as well as providing more natural light than previously imagined on a passenger plane. Brazilian aerospace company Embraer has come up with the revolutionary design for their Lineage 1000 business jets. The design concept, which they have dubbed the Kyoto Airship, includes massive viewing platforms with large rectangular windows and skylights, which can be enjoyed by flyers wherever they are sitting, Business Insider reports. And while skylights have been on planes before, these would be the first to feature on large jets with a pressurised cabins. [I hope they have heard of the DeHavilland “Comet”]

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