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Odd news from around the world

German army were forced to pull out of NATO training exercise because they are banned from too much overtime: “German soldiers were forced to withdraw from NATO defence exercises because to continue would be in breach of the military’s restrictive overtime limits. The group participating in the alliance’s training drills in Norway left after 12 days because they had exceeded their overtime limits. Currently overtime cannot be compensated with additional pay. Instead, soldiers are given time off – which has lead to complaints they have days with absolutely nothing to do. The paper reported soldiers were stuck in bases in the middle of the week, unable to work, while others clocked off at 4.30pm but were trapped in overnight bases with nothing to do. Hans-Peter Bertels, the parliamentary commissioner for Germany’s armed forces, said: ‘It can’t be that we can’t fulfil our NATO obligations because of overtime,’ Bild reported”

Inmates caught breaking back into jail, after ‘excursion’ from Australian prison: “Four men were caught trying to break back in to Darwin’s jail. Four prisoners who absconded from Darwin’s jail have been recaptured trying to sneak back into the prison a few hours later, in what authorities have described as an “excursion”. The minimum security prisoners, Christopher Keene, Ian Mamarika, Jayras Manggurra and Xavier Nundhirriballa, were seen climbing a fence near low security “pre-release” accommodation units shortly after the evening roll call at 7.00pm at the Holtze facility, near Darwin, on Saturday. The prisoners were found to be absent at a roll call after they were “seen close to the boundary fence that surrounds the cottage complex”. NT Correctional Services Commissioner Mark Payne said the men have been taken out of their pre-release unit and returned to the main prison.

Is this the world’s clearest water? The New Zealand spring where water takes up to 100 years to filter through the ground and emerges the purest on earth: “Nestled in a lush green valley of ferns is a spring with water so clear it turns a brilliant blue colour. The crystal-clear water of Blue Spring, New Zealand, flows out of the ground after taking as long as 100 years to filter up through the ground. A pool of stunning blue that is the spring is surrounded by bright green foliage that overhangs the water and creates an idyllic scene. Blue Spring, located in the Waikato region of the country’s North Island, is fed by water from the Mamaku Plateau which stays at about 11 degrees year-round. According to a tourism website, water from the spring flows at about 42 cubic metres per minute, enough to fill a 25-metre, six-lane swimming pool in about 12 minutes. The water is so pure that about 70 per cent of the country’s bottled water is sourced from the spring and it serves as the water supply for a nearby town”

Improbable aircraft: “Private jet flying could change forever as the world’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft is about to hit the market. The egg-shaped plane, called Lilium, has been heralded as high up as the European Space Agency (ESA), who highlight its environmental benefits as well as not needing to land at an airport. The plane takes off and lands vertically, meaning it can use helipads. The aircraft, designed in Germany, has a top speed of 250mph and a range of 300 miles. The electric jet is set to be available to buy in 2018, although at the time of writing, there is no indication of how much the futuristic plane will cost. A pilot’s licence stipulating at least 20 hours of training is needing to guide the two-seater plane, that fits into the Light Sports Aircraft category. A point to note is that the aircraft is designed for flying in daylight, where the weather conditions are ‘good.'”

Woman drives her car into freshly-poured cement… and there’s no getting out: “A red car became trapped after it was driven into fresh cement in Arnold, Missouri, this week, KTVI reported. The Fenton, Missouri, resident posted it on the TV station’s Facebook page, writing: ‘A Concrete Finishers Nightmare!!! ‘On our rounds today looking for downed traffic signs we came across this on Richardson Rd & 55, a women drove right into some freshly finished concrete, Duh! ‘Those cones mean something? Keep texting and driving to your grave some day?’ KTVI reported the vehicle required assistance in breaking free. The female driver involved in the incident was okay, its report said.

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