Found the missing Lego stormtrooper my son has been looking for

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Odd news from around the world

Vintage Jaguar which raced at Le Mans and was bought for just £635 more than 50 years ago is up for sale for £4MILLION: “A vintage jaguar that once teared across the track at Le Mans is on sale for a whopping £4million more than 50 years after it was sold for just £635. Racing photographer Guy Griffiths picked up his beloved Jaguar XK120c C-Type after seeing it zoom across Europe for some of the eras top teams. Lovingly restored by the snapper, the C-Type was kept along with his impressive collection of vintage motors in a small museum dedicated to classic cars in his home in the Cotswolds. Sadly Mr Griffiths passed away in 2003 and his daughter Penny Griffiths-Woodley, who is also a keen racing driver, is now selling his collection. The C-Type Jag was one of just 45 built by the British car manufacturers with only eight existing today and of those, five competed in the gruelling 24 Le Mans race, including this one. The beguiling two-seater is thought to be one of the few that remain with all original parts and it still runs today”

Fossil of hammerhead REPTILE: “Scientists on Friday announced the discovery in southern China of new fossils of a reptile from 242 million years ago called Atopodentatus. It was a creature so outlandish that scientists say it reminds them of the fanciful beasts conjured up by Dr. Seuss. But would the famous children’s book author have thought up a marine reptile with a hammerhead snout it used to snack on algae? When the first fossils of Atopodentatus were found in 2014, scientists thought, based on its poorly preserved skull, it had a down-turned snout resembling a flamingo’s beak with a vertical, zipper-like mouth. But two new fossil specimens, described in research published in the journal Science Advances, resolved the matter. Atopodentatus is the earliest-known herbivorous marine reptile, said paleontologist Olivier Rieppel of the Field Museum in Chicago. Atopodentatus, about 9 feet (2.75 meters) long, lived in a shallow sea in China’s Yunnan province alongside fish and other marine reptiles”

Wasp nest stops Airbus aircraft: “Busy insects have been blamed for a technical fault on board a plane forced to make a sudden landing at the Brisbane International Airport shortly after take-off in 2013. A report by the Australian Safety Transport Bureau found it took less than two hours for wasps to build a mud nest on a crucial piece of equipment as an Etihad Airways Airbus A330 was parked at the Brisbane terminal. The wasps “almost totally obstructed” the device which measures airspeed, known as the captain’s pitot probe, while the plane was stationary on November 21, 2013. As it was ascending, the captain noticed an airspeed discrepancy, the crew declared a mayday and prepared to return to Brisbane. Emergency crews in Brisbane began scrambling in case the plane crashed at the airport or surrounds but it landed safely a short time later”

Residents of Australian town complain of goat invasion: “Residents of the Western Australian town of Kambalda are complaining of a goat invasion that is destroying gardens and causing traffic problems. Coolgardie Shire president Malcolm Cullen said locals noticed the invasive feral species coming closer to town sites and homes earlier this year. He said about 250 to 300 goats had been spotted around Kambalda East. “One person had one up on their car,” Mr Cullen told WA Today. “They are a traffic hazard on the roads, they are unavoidable.” Mr Cullen said that in addition to the social media complaining, the council had received four official complaints. He believes the recent dry conditions and threat of dogs are the main causes for the goats venturing closer into the town. “The plants in people’s gardens might be a bit more succulent than what they can find out in the bush at the moment,” he said. The shire are hoping that the market for live goats, mostly for their meat, will encourage pastoralists to help round them up.

Has the paleo diet jumped the shark? “If you are got married, what gift would you give all the people who helped make your day possible? A bunch of flowers? A thank you note? A box of ‘Love’ balls? If you picked the third item then, hello, you must be Pete Evans and his wife, Nicola Robinson Evans. The health-conscious pair tied the knot in an intimate garden ceremony last month and have gifted their wedding dress designer something only these two could: ‘Love’ balls. They’re paleo. Because of course they are. Nicola teased us on Wednesday night by posting the ingredients to the ‘Love’ balls: “Coconut oil, coconut butter, tahini, dates, caramelised Beetroot, Inca berries, activated nuts and seeds, cacao powder, cacao butter, vanilla bean powder, cinnamon, camu camu, maca, Manuka honey, a pinch of sea salt and loooove!” “To up their cuteness a lil [sic], plus add another level of flavour, I’m rolling them in toasted coconut (dyed a crimson-ish, pinky [sic] red colour with Beetroot juice), toasted sesame seeds, rose oil and just a lil [sic] drizzle of Manuka honey to sweeten.”

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