What has been the most embarrassing thing your children have said?

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One woman’s answer:

When my daughter was a toddler, she was very precocious, with a large vocabulary and lots of questions. One day, she was with my husband in the dairy section of a Target store. It was late afternoon and the store was very busy, so there were lots of people around. In a loud voice, she asked, “Daddy, what is syphilis?” He was mortified.

For some reason, my children seem to say embarrassing things at Target…A few years later, my daughter was with me at the same store. I was expecting a baby and had recently given her the 5-year-old version of how babies are made. She had asked lots of questions, including how the mommy’s eggs got into her tummy. I had explained that girls are born with all their eggs in their tummies and when they grow up one of their eggs will get “ripe” every month in case they want to make a baby. So we’re standing in line at Target and my daughter turns to the very elderly, very proper lady behind us and says, “I have all my eggs in my tummy right now!” Thank Heavens, the woman assumed she meant from breakfast and simply congratulated her on doing a good job eating all her food.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stick to just one more…my husband teaches martial arts, so he knows a bit of Mandarin and a bit of Cantonese. The children seem to pick up phrases rather easily, but we hadn’t realized how well until one night when we were eating in a Chinese restaurant. My son was about 3 and my younger daughter was 4. They were quarreling, which was embarrassing enough, but then, when the server came to take our order, he said to her, “Don’t bring anything for my sister. She’s a (something in Cantonese). Turns out, he had called her a “stinky monkey demon.” Our server just about dropped her notepad, she cracked up so much. She brought several other restaurant employees over to hear my son insult his sister in Cantonese. He loved being the center of attention, but I still wonder what they must have thought of our family!




Odd news from around the world

Possession of this illegal prime number could get you arrested: “DID you know there is a number in existence that will get you arrested in America if you publish it on a website or write it down? Even having it scribbled on series of post-it notes could land you in some serious hot water with the law. How could you be breaking the law by having a number in my possession you ask? It all has to do with encryption and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which criminalised the production and dissemination of tools used to circumvent copyright measures. Essentially, the prime number can be used to decrypt digital copyright protections on DVDs so people can download the content. It all has to do with cryptology and prime numbers. “There are an infinite number of primes as there is an infinite number of numbers, but it just takes an enormous amount of computing power to find these primes,” the video explains. Encrypted data uses prime numbers with thousands of digits”

‘Please arrest me’: German policewoman swamped with adoring Instagram messages: “A POLICEWOMAN has been swamped with messages from adoring Instagram fans — with some begging her to arrest them — after her sexy snaps went viral. Adrienne Koleszar has become an internet sensation thanks to the photos she posts on social media flashing her flat stomach, toned legs and muscular arms, reports The Sun. The 31-year-old senior police commissioner has notched up thousands of followers on her Instagram account, where her daily postings have made her a massive hit. The blonde German is constantly bombarded with praise, with fans claiming they would willingly drive into a speed trap if it meant they would get stopped by her. Others simply beg: “Please arrest me”. Adrienne — who competed in the bikini class of the Bodybuilding-WM in 2015 — has a day job that includes dealing with accidents, fights and domestic violence cases”

Cops roast drug dealer’s customers: “WHEN you’re trying to get a job done, there’s nothing more annoying than being constantly interrupted. Judging from a Facebook post made by police in Ohio that has since gone viral, it’s a feeling they know all too well. Officers at the Alliance City police department posted a hilarious plea to the public for people to stop calling a drug dealer’s phone seized by police because it was interrupting their efforts to search it. “PLEASE STOP CALLING Steve Notman’s cell phone,” police said in the revealing post which included a picture of an opened text message. Mr Notman was allegedly caught on video selling crystal meth, according to police. “First of all, he is all out of drugs for tonight. Secondly you don’t need to call — we will come to you soon enough”

Dead man threatened with deportation: “A BRITISH man has been sent a letter by the Immigration department telling him he’s overstayed his Australian visa, despite the fact he died months ago. The letter even suggested he could be deported. However, far from being in Australia illegally, the man’s ashes are now in an urn in northern England. Speaking to news.com.au, the man’s partner said the letter had been a body blow. “It’s plunged me right back to the day he died.” David, from Sunderland in England’s northeast, died in January while on his honeymoon in Australia. Tragedy struck when David fell down the stairs in an Adelaide house they were staying in. He was put into an induced coma but died days later.

Yummy puppy? “A KILSYTH woman is shocked and devastated after her tiny puppy was stolen by a crow. Heather Sinden’s four-month-old chihuahua, Fudge, was swooped upon by crows in the backyard of her Astor Court address this afternoon. The tiny dog can fit in the palm of someone’s hand. “The dog was normally inside, she was just outside going to go to the toilet and Mum was quite concerned about the crows,” Melinda said. “Then she heard her (Fudge) screaming and she was gone.” “My mum actually collapsed from shock — she was very attached to the little dog.”

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