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Odd news from around the world

The CONTENTED will inherit the Earth, say researchers: “Having a positive attitude could be evolutionarily advantageous, researchers have found. They created a series of algorithms to model how simulated humans coped. It found those who survived were more content, and valued long term happiness more that short terms gains. Shimon Edelman, professor of psychology and a co-author of the study, advises: ‘Instead of relying blindly on advice from self-help authors about how to be happy, get to know yourself – what your brain/mind is like, how it works and how it interacts with the world – and you’ll be in a better position to decide for yourself.’ The findings offer scientific support to the ancient philosophical insights from China, Greece and India, which encourage cultivating long-term contentment or life satisfaction rather than grasping at the fleeting joy of instant gratification, the researchers said. ‘In an evolutionary sense, you have to evaluate your life on the basis of more than what happened just now”

High blood pressure? Drinking cherry juice is ‘as good as medication’, study claims: “Drinking cherry juice is as good as taking drugs at reducing blood pressure, researchers have found. People who drank 60ml of cherry concentrate, diluted with water, saw their blood pressure drop by 7 per cent within three hours. This was enough to slash the risk of a stroke by 38 per cent or heart disease by 23 per cent. Patients who take blood pressure medication see a similar impact, scientists at Northumbria University said. The research team, whose work is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, tested 15 people who were displaying early signs of high blood pressure.The volunteers were given either 60ml of a Montmorency cherry concentrate diluted with 100ml of water, or the same volume of a ‘placebo’ drink, a fruit-flavoured cordial. The scientists found that the participants given the cherry concentrate saw their peak blood pressure drop 7 per cent further than those who drank the fruit cordial”

Eczema cured: “A young boy with eczema so severe he spent the first six years of his life unable to sleep because of the pain has made a complete recovery in just three months after his mother discovered a new treatment plan for him on Facebook. Tyler Saunders, 6, started breaking out in painful rashes at just eight months old but his mother, Debbie Maddalena-Saunders, said she had no idea that as he grew, the severity of his skin condition would continue to worsen. Turning to social media in a desperate attempt to find a way to help her little boy, Ms Maddalena-Saunders came across a South African dermatologist whose cream was able to give young Tyler a new lease on life. Dr Richard Aron posted promising results of his treatment plan – the Aron Regime – on the Eczema Association of Australasia Facebook page and after an online consultation the concerned mother had a script for a compounded cream made up of moisturiser, topical steroids and antibiotics. Tyler started using the cream in September and by November the boy who had previously been forced to wear socks on his hands to stop him tearing away at his inflamed skin had all but disappeared.

‘Impossibly rare’ violet diamond that is the largest ever found in Australia to go up for sale for more than $5.3MILLION this week: “It may be known for its barren red sands and deadly animals, but every once in a while the Australian outback throws up a gem – this time in the form of a multi-million dollar diamond. Mining giant Rio Tinto has unveiled the incredibly rare violet diamond – the largest of its kind ever found in an Australian mine – which is likely to cost more than AUD$5.3million when it goes to tender this week. Discovered at the Argyle mine in remote Western Australia last August, the uncut stone weighed 9.17 carats when it was pulled from the dirt. However with the crevices and imperfections now polished out the oval-shaped gem is a beautiful 2.84 carats. ‘Impossibly rare and limited by nature, the Argyle Violet will be highly sought after for its beauty, size and provenance,’ Mr Coppens said. Pink diamonds put up for sale at the Argyle diamond tender can sell for up to AUD$2.6million per carat.

The puppy who thinks he’s a human baby… he even steals pacifiers: “Most puppies would be content with a chew toy, but this young German Shepherd seems not to realise that he’s a dog, insisting on sucking on a dummy, sleeping in a pram and being fed a bottle. Karma began mimicking her owner’s baby grandson when she was 12 weeks old. And now at five months old it seems she believes she’s a human. The pup began by stealing dummies from her owner’s grandson, but now the pooch regularly sleeps in a baby’s pram and even suckles from bottles of milk and sleeps in a little onesie. Her owner Iris Armstrong, 63, originally from Welling, Kent, initially found it funny when her muddled mutt started copying her two-year-old grandson, Kayden. But now even after putting the puppy in a play-pen she still manages to escape to play with her human best friend. Ms Armstrong, who is retired, said: ‘Karma and Kayden are almost like brother and sister at times, I’m sure she copies what he’s doing and because it’s like she’s a human baby too”

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