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On Sunday morning, heartbroken mother Rachelle Briannan, from Melbourne, logged on to her Facebook mother’s group Midnight Mums and messaged them in tears.

She explained how she had invited 12 kids to her son Taenon’s fourth birthday celebration at a local restaurant… and all of their parents had either cancelled or never responded.

Her message touched the hearts of thousands and within minutes, 25 mums and dads from across Melbourne gathered their children and drove to a McDonald’s restaurant to help the little boy celebrate his birthday.

‘So I’m sitting in my room quietly crying. 12 kids were invited to my sons party today, and an hour before every one of them cancels or just doesn’t reply to my msgs’ Ms Briannan wrote on Facebook.

‘My son just turned 4 and this is the first time he’s really understood the whole party with friends thing. My heart is literally broken for him!! I’m so hurt and angry.

‘What the hell can I do to make this up to him? Seriously. Like I made him this huge superhero cake and there’s going to be no one to even sing happy birthday to him.’

But the members of Midnight Mums weren’t going to accept that and quickly gathered up their children and drove to Melbourne’s Eltham McDonald’s to celebrate – some travelling over 30 minutes to be there.

Taenon was soon joined by 30 children he had never met, Veronica’s Party Pantry from Diamond Creek donated ‘number 4 helium balloons’ and the Nillumbuk SES turned up so the children could explore the trucks.

‘The Midnight Mums community rallied together online with hundreds of birthday wishes for Taenon flooding our newsfeeds and touching the hearts of our members with this feel good story right across Australia and beyond,’ the mother’s group posted on Facebook.

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Odd news from around the world

Pervert gets a slap after flashing at a female bus passenger – before EVERY woman onboard joins in : “A group of female passengers turned on a man after he had sexually harassed on of them while on a bus in Turkey. The incident, caught on camera, showed the 34-year-old man, identified only by his initials AEA, being confronted by his victim after he allegedly showed her his genitals on the bus in Turkey’s north-western Kocaeli province. The disgusted woman then starts beating the accused harasser, and when he does not react, other women on the bus join in, with some of them kicking him. As the blows grew more and more frequent, he was forced to try and climb off the bus when the doors opened. But he was then grabbed by another passenger after trying to flee when the bus doors opened. Police interviewed the victim, and he was arrested and is currently in custody.”

Celebrity massage therapist reveals how she BITES her A-list clients: “Dorothy Stein, 48, from New Jersey, was nicknamed Dr Dot by musician Frank Zappa in the early days of her career when she used her skills to nab free concert tickets and meet her favourite rock stars backstage. Since then, Dr Dot has massaged – and bitten – an impressive roster of famous names, including one famous band who were ‘massage virgins’. But most of Dr Dot’s clients are eager to sample her talents. A certain British music mogul is a big fan. Dr Dot revealed: ‘He loves a gentle bite massage’. Dorothy made her first forays into therapeutic biting at the age of five, encouraged by her ‘hippy’ mother. She said: ‘She wanted me to massage her but my hands weren’t strong enough, so she just kept on saying ‘Bite me! So I’ve been doing this my whole life.’ Before adding any oil I bite the whole back up and down, in a very fluid motion”

The bizarre psychological condition tourists suffer when the City of Lights does not live up to expectations: “Paris is one of the most popular destinations in the world, luring tens of millions of visitors with its aura of romance, iconic landmarks and culinary delights. But it can be a dim experience for a small number of fragile travellers whose romanticised idea of the City of Lights fails to live up to their high expectations, sending them into a tailspin. Messy streets, the language barrier or run-ins with beggars or rude locals can provoke a bizarre reaction called Paris syndrome, a transient psychological disorder that can spark hallucinations, panic attacks or hostility towards Parisians. Although it still has its doubters, Paris syndrome was first identified in the mid-1980s by Hiroaki Ota, a Japanese psychiatrist working in the French capital, who found that tourists from Japan are more susceptible than others”

Teeth chattering video shows man devouring a corn cob in 10 seconds by putting it on a rotating DRILL: “In what’s perhaps the most extreme eating challenge out there, a man from China has managed to eat a whole corn on the cob in just 10 seconds. But his incredible speed eating is aided by a working drill. The video starts with the drill already switched on. A corn cob is stuck onto the drill bit and is rotating rapidly. Facing the camera, Eater Yang is slowly pulling the cob across his teeth and as he does so, bits of corn goes flying everywhere. The corn is also disappearing from the cob as if through it’s been rapidly stripped away. Within seconds, the corn has been completely stripped of corn. Switching off the drill, he tries to chew through a mouthful of corn as he shows off the bare cob”

Big fish puckers up for an underwater kiss: “Photographer Wayne Macwilliams was diving off Boynton Beach in Florida, USA, when he captured the brief underwater romance. Fellow diver Nikole Ordway swam right up to the grouper and tickled its chin before turning towards the fish as they both pulled their best pouts for the camera. Macwilliams from Miami, said he and Ordway often went diving in this same spot. He’s even nicknamed Ordway the ‘Goliath Whisperer’. The 58-year-old photographer said: ‘We dive a wreck called the MV Castor, which was sunk as an artificial reef in 2001. It is a popular gathering spot for the Goliath grouper.’ He added: ‘It is common to see 30, 40 or more during any given dive during this period. A couple of these Goliath groupers seek out attention and swim right up to you before you even reach the wreck. ‘They will swim up the descent line to greet you. If the diver is a bit taken back or intimidated and tries to ignore that grouper, it will either find someone else that is attentive or circle in behind divers and shadow them without them even knowing it”

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