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Odd news from around the world

Now THAT’S German efficiency! Impressive video shows motorists politely clearing autobahn as emergency vehicles race to an accident: “Emergency vehicles can find it difficult to negotiate traffic at the best of times. But a video from Germany shows motorists in Konigsbrunn putting the rest of the world to shame by creating a perfect path for a convoy of emergency vehicles to use. The footage was captured on the dashcam of a police car following an ambulance and fire engine racing to the scene of a car crash. The video shows a lot of traffic on the road as the police car pulls onto the autobahn and the driver puts his foot down. But despite there being many cars on the road, none of them delay the emergency vehicles as they each drive in the centre of the motorway. Parting the autobahn like the Red Sea, the cars in the left-hand lane are all seen parked tightly to the crash barrier in the middle of the road. Meanwhile the cars in the right-hand lane are all seen partly inside the hard shoulder”

Woman sues Starbucks for $5 million for putting too much ice in her drinks: “Starbucks is too icy with its customers, says a woman who is suing the coffee chain for putting too many frozen cubes in its iced drinks. Lead plaintiff Stacy Pincus has filed a $5million class action lawsuit against Starbucks for filling its cups with so much frozen water that customers are only getting half of what they’re paying for, says the lawsuit. The company sells sizes in Tall (12 oz.), Grande (16 oz.), Venti (24 oz.) and Trenta (30 oz.), and the fluid ounces are advertised in the store. However, once the barista adds ice, customers get a little over half those promised amounts, alleges Pincus – never mind that they pay for the full amount. In addition, the Seattle-based company charges more for iced drinks than for hot drinks and makes higher profits off of them. In 2014, the iced tea was its most profitable product, says the lawsuit”

Chinese man is pulled along a road in a cart by his small pet dog: “Shocking footage has emerged of a small dog pulling along a man in a cart as he travels up a road in China. Filmed in Baoding, Hebei Province, the bizarre video shows the cruel owner sitting on the ramshackle wooden carriage as his pet’s legs move furiously. The clip was captured by a shocked passenger in a passing car who can be heard shouting out to the man as he travels along. Completely at ease to sit back and let the clearly overworked hound drag him along, the owner chats to the motorists as if there like there is nothing unusual about his mode of transportation. The dog is attached to the cart by a set of reins and an object resembling a whip is seen in the man’s hand, he does not use the whip but the mere sight of it is enough to make any animal lover wince. It is not known whether the man in the clip was prosecuted as a result of the inhumane treatment or whether the pet was harmed”

Scientists release HERPES into river — to kill carp: “Australian scientists plan to release a herpes virus into the Murray River in South Australia to kill millions of European carp fish. The $15 million National Carp Control Plan, part of the federal budget, is designed to destroy the fish by 2045 reported the Herald Sun. The herpes virus will reportedly kill thousands of the fish in the first 24 hours of it being released into the river. Carp breed in plague proportions in the Murray River and the huge fish, who suck mud up and spit it out, are responsible for bringing native fish numbers to the brink of extinction. CSIRO scientists have tested the koi herpes virus for nearly a decade on other animals including chickens, mice, frogs, turtles and water dragons. They said the virus will not infect other fish, animals or humans using the Murray River. The Sunday Telegraph has reported the virus is an Indonesian strain of ‘carp herpes’ that only affects European carp. Carp can be eaten but need special preparation

Australia to kill thousands of wild horses: “Wild brumbies, who have been a staple feature of the Snowy Mountains since the 1930’s, are under threat as a controversial NSW government plan aims to cull the population by 90 per cent. The plan comes in a bid to save the Kosciuszko National Park after a steep rise in the population began to threaten native wildlife. Almost 6000 wild horses will be killed under the plan with half of the population set to disappear within the next decade. The animals will be shot, trapped, or subjected to fertility control measures. Culling is set to continue over the next two decades until the population has dwindled to 600, and these horses will be kept within three low-impact areas within the alpine park. The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) says horses are damaging to the natural structures of the national park, such as riverbeds, streams, natural bogs, wetlands and soil structure, as they trample the ground when they feed or look for water”

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