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Passing on wisdom to your children can be one of the joys of parenting – even though much of the time it isn’t asked for.

That is certainly the case for New York City dad and entrepreneur Rufus Griscom, 48, whose sons Declan, 11, Grey, 8, and Rye, 5, may ‘appear to have very little interest’ in his advice, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to give it to them anyway.

In a very popular post on Medium entitled Unsolicited Advice for My Three Sons, In No Particular Order, Rufus offers up insight for his young boys on everything from avoiding hangovers to honesty to saving money at Starbucks:

First, he makes the odd choice of starting off his list with the statement: ‘Begin conversations with people on airplanes when you hear “We have begun our descent,”’ based on the idea that if they are awful you only have to deal with them for 15 minutes.

Elsewhere in his post, Rufus tells his boys to try green tea 30 times without sugar because that’s how long it will take to develop a taste for it, to buy bunches of the same shirt for the weekdays to show ‘that you are focused’, and to make a point of remembering people’s names. He also insists on sticking to peanut butter over caviar and to remember that hangovers are more about the quantity over type of liquor.

‘Habits are for lazy people. And you are lazy,’ he explains at another point. ‘We all are. Habits are shortcuts to getting a whole lot of things done without spending too much of your finite supply of willpower. So use em.’

Among the stranger nuggets of wisdom, Rufus tells the boys to ‘wear funny shirts on the weekends’ in order to work as an ‘antidote’ to people taking themselves too seriously and also to order a small coffee in a medium cup at Starbucks to avoid over-pouring baristas and save a bit of cash.

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Odd news from around the world

Restaurant is named town’s best with five-star reviews on TripAdvisor despite only having ONE thing on the menu: “A restaurant has been named as a town’s best restaurant – despite only having one item on the menu. The ‘Steak Frites’ restaurant in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, serves up a single choice of steak and chips but has proved so popular it is now the top-rated TripAdisor restaurant in the seaside resort. Owner Bradley Walker said: ‘It is simple and a lot of people like simple rather than being faced with a huge menu.’ The Welsh rib-eye steak is served with chips, Bradley’s Béarnaise sauce, green salad and walnuts with mustard vinaigrette. Mr Walker was inspired to open the eatery after cycling through France and the restaurant has pictures of Paris on the walls. The first steak-only restaurant was opened in 1959 by Paul Gineste de Saurs’ in Paris.”

Nutter gets himself shot: “A Baltimore TV station has been evacuated after a man dressed as a hedgehog walked in claiming to have a bomb. The unidentified suspect dressed in costume entered the Fox 45 offices on the city’s TV Hill at 1:00pm and told staff he had an explosive strapped to his chest. It turned out the ‘device’ was actually a ‘flotation device’ with chocolate bars attached together with wire, according to police. Pictures taken from outside the building show the individual – wearing a white onesie with grey ears – leaning against the wall of the lobby and looking relaxed. He also appeared to be wearing a white medical mask and black sunglasses during the bizarre confrontation. Shortly after the building was cleared, he reportedly left and walked towards heavily-armed SWAT officers. After a stand-off where he ignored police orders, he was shot by a police counter sniper. His condition is not known.”

Strange sea creature: “It’s one of the most hostile places on Earth and extends seven miles (11km) below the waves at its deepest point, but the Mariana Trench is full of secrets. A deepwater exploration mission of the area has spotted beautiful, unknown jellyfish with two types of tentacles as well as a number of other bizarre animals just one week into the study. The orb-like jellyfish was spotted on a dive at a location named Engima Seamount at a depth of 12,139ft (3,700 metres). While experts were able to identify it as belonging to the genus Crossota, they are unable to assign a precise name to the pretty hydromedusa. They filmed the jellyfish ‘floating’ through the depths with its long tentacles extended outwards and its bell motionless, suggesting ‘an ambush predation mode’. It is thought the red colour in the bell is the creature’s radial canals, while the bright yellow may be its gonads.”

‘We’d rather go back to the streets than eat vegan food,’ homeless tell famous Italian chef: “A famous chef’s vegan offerings proved to be so unpopular at a soup kitchen in Italy with homeless people, some threatened to “return to the streets”. TV star Simone Salvini, from Tuscany, created a healthier menu for the Antoniano shelter in Bologna but some of those in need rebelled against the vegan food and said they needed meat. “Some of the poor people told me ‘we are heading back to the streets because we need meat’,” Salvini said, the Times reported. “My staff and I are trying to cook, as best as we can, a range of healthy, organic food and vegetables,” the famous vegetarian chef said, who began helping at the centre last week. Rather than serving bean soup, Salvini perhaps should have taken greater heed of the city’s specialty: tagliatelle al ragu, pasta with meat sauce. He later attempted to appease his critics, serving vegetables shaped like meatballs and soya ragu”

Former Olympic wrestling champion fights off SEVEN police officers who hit him with batons and pepper spray after he was stopped for drink driving: “Vyacheslav Oliynyk, who won a gold medal for Ukraine in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, shrugged off pepper spray and batons as officers attempted to restrain him in Kiev. The former wrestling champion, who had been celebrating his 50th birthday, was eventually tackled to the ground by police who accused him of drink-driving. A video of the incident, which was later released by local traffic officials, shows Oliynyk arguing with police officers after they pull him over. He appears to shove one of the officers, who responds by firing pepper spray in his face. But instead of calming the former athlete, it appears to send him into a rage and he begins grappling with two officers. One can be seen striking him with a baton and it isn’t long before Oliynyk is bleeding from his head. It finally takes seven police officers to tackle Oliynyk to the ground”

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