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Odd news from around the world

Diner shoots his friend dead at Turkish restaurant because he’d paid for his food: “İdris Alakuş shot and killed Hasan Erdemir after an alleged argument over who was to pay for their soup in the capital’s Bakirkoy district in the early hours of Sunday. CCTV shows Mr Erdemir paying for the bill, before Mr Alakuş appears in the frame clutching a gun, opening fire on the men. Mr Erdemir had reportedly met Mr Alakus in the restaurant in the early hours of Sunday alongside two friends, and had been invited to join the latter at his table. After finishing their meal, Mr Alakus had intended to pay the bill, but became infuriated when he found out that Mr Erdemir had pre-empted his move, The Telegraph reports. Mr Erdemir died in hospital, while his two companions remain in care. Mr Alakuş fled the scene, but was soon caught by police and taken into custody”

Truck-eating bridge: “A notoriously low bridge has been hit by two trucks in the space of just a few hours, marking the 100th and 101st time it has been crashed into in recent years. The pair of trucks slammed into the Montague Street bridge in Melbourne on Wednesday, with the first accident taking place about 11am and the second shortly before 3pm. The first truck that crashed into the bridge was carrying the skip that fell off when it slammed into the bridge, Triple M reports. The second accident of the day appeared to be more dramatic than the first, with photographs showing a heavily damaged truck under the bridge. The back of the truck was almost entirely ripped from the truck. It had been almost three weeks since the bridge was last hit earlier this month, when a bus crashed into it. It comes after another packed bus crashed into the bridge in February, with passengers narrowly avoiding serious injury by dropping to the floor of the coach. All 15 people on board, including the driver, managed to escape serious injury after the vehicle ignored warning signage and ploughed into the bridge”

‘To the girls who let him go, thank you so much’: “Women are posting open letters to their partner’s exes on social media alongside loved-up selfies in a new viral craze that’s left the internet divided. The letter thanks the ex-girlfriends for letting him go and freeing him up for a loving relationship, as well as promising to give him the time, affection and support he didn’t get in the past. But the craze has been branded ‘vomit-inducing’ by many commenters who say the letter is ‘drivel’ that makes women look ‘feeble’. ‘I will do all the things you failed to do for him, like be there for him when he feels so alone, prioritise him and not make him feel like he is just an option, give him time and affection even when he is not asking for it. ‘I will take care of the man you failed to appreciate. I will love the man you took for granted”

Taliban suicide bomber accidentally triggers explosives early, killing himself and eight other would-be martyrs: “A Taliban suicide bomber accidentally killed himself and eight fellow militants after triggering his explosives vest by mistake. The jihadist fighters had been ordered to carry out an attack in Kunduz city, Afghanistan, but all died before their got there. However, one of the militants detonated his vest shortly after leaving a Taliban base in Dasht-e-Archi, triggering everyone elses explosives, the Afghan Interior Ministry said. The Taliban have been trying to recapture Kunduz, a city which they held for just 14 days after months of fighting with government forces. Masoom Baha, a senior doctor at the city’s public hospital,said medical staff were barely able to keep up with casualtiesof the fighting, mainly from rockets and artillery fire”

Baby bear has a lucky escape: “This adorable baby bear came narrowly close to getting a whiff of more than he bargained for – when he tried to play chase with a skunk. The cub decided to wander over to another area of the event where a skunk was also acting as model, embarking on a cheeky game of chase. The adorable creature then bounded over to the skunk in an attempt to play with him – though it only served to annoy the animal. The skunk didn’t take kindly to the cub’s bid to play and attempted to spray the bear in the face with its pungent scent gland, which luckily for the bear had been de-scented. ‘He was very cute and inquisitive. He was really curious about the skunk and wanted to play but the skunk wanted nothing to do with him. ‘I’m thankful he didn’t as the skunk’s spray is so strong it is almost impossible to get rid of. If you’re driving down the road and you come across an area where as skunk was hit, it will still smell, it’s that bad”

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