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Odd news from around the world

Elevator molester is beaten by woman who slaps him in the face and kicks him in the crotch: “An incredible video has emerged online of a woman getting her own back on a man who tried to molest her in a lift in China. In the footage, the woman can be seen looking at her phone in the lift while the man is in a corner. He tries to get closer to her and she instantly moves away from the man before putting her phone back into her bag. He then gets close to the woman again, getting right up behind her and putting his arm on her shoulders as if to reach down to her chest. The woman reacts straight away slapping the man so fiercely that he falls into the corner of the lift. As he starts to go towards her again, she kicks him right in the crotch before then kicking him in the face. The pervert then falls to the floor looking as though he’s in severe pain as the elevator doors open and the woman walks out”

Lawyer EATS incriminating evidence to clear his client of drink-driving in Russia: “The incident, in the town of Kyzyl in central Russia’s autonomous Republic of Tuva, was caught on CCTV cameras. The lawyer, who has not been named, was studying papers in the office of a judge relating to a client who had been accused of causing an accident while drink-driving. He is seen picking up the breathalyser report revealing the level of alcohol in his client’s blood. The lawyer first stashes the evidence in his bag but then appears to have second thoughts and takes it out again, nearly puts it in his pocket before ultimately deciding to put it in his mouth and start chewing. Local media say he managed to eliminate the most important piece of evidence in the case while the judge and her secretary were out of the office”

British village descends into chaos after phone company mix-up leaves residents with each OTHERS’ phone numbers: “A village has been thrown into chaos after an engineering mix-up which left residents with their neighbours’ phone numbers. BT workers went to the village of Cliffords Mesne in Gloucestershire after complaints that a cable was being damaged by rubbing against a tree. But after the work was finished last week, around 50 homes in the area were left with the wrong phone number, according to locals. The blunder, which has not yet been fixed, meant that anyone trying to get through to a villager would end up speaking to their neighbour instead. John Franklin, a 65-year-old retired lecturer, said: ‘We get the supply via a trunk cable and part of that had been rubbing against a tree and giving faults, so had to be replaced. ‘So they cut out a section, but apparently the new cable was different from the old one, and they got mixed up”

Beer-drinking FISH: “This thirsty river creature was more than happy to take a few gulps from a can of beer in Brazil. A video of the shocking sight proves the old saying clearly has an element of truth, when much to the amazement of a group of anglers the fish rose out the water to demand a sip of their Skol. The animal is then seen perched on the side of the boat with its neck raised ready for a taste. One of the fisherman gladly obliges and pours the skol latao out of a yellow beer can into its mouth. Remarkably the fish-out-of-water appears to start taking large gulps of the beer. The anglers laugh in amazement as the animal takes over 20 mouthfuls of the alcoholic drink. By then the fish has clearly had enough and dives back into the river”

Extraordinary Amazon packaging again: “A disabled woman was left in shock after she struggled to open a ‘ridiculously’ large Amazon cardboard delivery box to find just one tiny ‘Dad to Be’ rosette inside. Wheelchair user Catrina Farnell, 28, heard the delivery driver knock on the door but was not able to answer before he left. The package, which was longer than two feet and too big to fit through the letterbox, was handed to her neighbour in Steeton, West Yorkshire meaning she had to struggle over the road to collect it. To her disbelief, the enormous box with a large amount of unnecessary packaging only contained a single rosette, which at 7ins by 3.5ins could easily have fit through the letterbox. ‘It has happened before, several times, and not only with Amazon,’ said Miss Farnell, a former dancer and teaching assistant. Miss Farnell was so shocked by Amazon’s ‘ridiculous’ package, she took to Facebook to point out the issue on Amazon’s official page”

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