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Odd news from around the world

Jewish Hitlers: “In 1933, what if you were Jewish, your family name was Hitler and you were living in the heart of Brooklyn? What would life be like for you and your two young children? Back in June of that year, JTA ran a story on the Hitler family living in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and the struggles that members of this Jewish family were facing because of their last name. At that time, according to Rose Hitler, there were more than 30 Jewish families living in the New York area with that surname”

Ditch tampons and use SEA SPONGES instead: “A political party in Spain has raised eyebrows by suggesting women with an environmental conscience should ditch tampons in favour of sea sponges. Candidatura de Unidad Popular, often called the anti-system party, says other options should also be considered, such as menstrual cups and ‘ridding the body of its natural fluids by exercising pelvic floor muscle control’. Members of CUP in the Catalan town of Manresa stress they aren’t against all the traditional products but they do think women should know about and consider all the alternatives to help with a greener world. Sea sponges, which can be rinsed out and used internally each month, can last up to a year. Any natural sea sponge can be used but NOT the manufactured one for washing up! The sea sponges are said to be much better for the environment, cheaper and more comfortable”

Albino shark dubbed Casper goes on display at a British aquarium: “Marine experts have dropped their jaws at the latest friendly arrival at an aquarium – this extremely rare albino shark. The lesser spotted dogfish has gone on display at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings, East Sussex, and was nicknamed ‘Casper’ after the famous ghost. The little shark, which measures just over three feet in length, shares his home with a collection of brightly-coloured triggerfish. Leanna Lawson, a spokesman for the aquarium, said: ‘True albinism in marine species in general is highly unusual and it’s virtually unheard of in sharks. ‘As well as being rare, white or albino sharks do not tend to survive for long in the wild as they rely on their natural camouflage to protect them from larger predators”

Rome metro eternally delayed: “In power for two years, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has initiated many reforms aimed at invigorating the anaemic economy, including his flagship overhaul of the constitution which has been approved by parliament. But the woes of a major infrastructure project right under his feet reveal how much work still must be done to get Italy back on track. Rome’s Metro C was meant to link the city’s two main cathedrals in time for the Holy Year in 2000. Sixteen years later, the underground line has not yet reached the first church and might never make it to the second, St Peter’s Basilica. While the initial section of the state-of-the-art driverless network was finally inaugurated in 2014, no one knows where the underground line will end or when the next station might open. The state of confusion reflects similar problems besetting myriad business projects in the eurozone’s third-largest economy, where, despite Renzi’s reform drive, bureaucracy and tangled laws are dragging down Italian development”

Children who have married parents thrive: “Marriage matters and is a central factor in children’s chances of success in life, according to a Government report. Children do worse if they are brought up by a lone parent or by parents who are not married, researchers found. The large-scale report rejects the idea that marriage is no more than a lifestyle option or a choice favoured by better-off couples, and presents powerful fresh evidence that a couple who commit to each other with a wedding are much more likely to have a successful family. The 134-page report, written by a group headed by Professor Gordon Harold, was based on a review of existing evidence and analysis of the Understanding Society survey, which follows the lives of people in 40,000 homes.

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