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Odd news from around the world

A new prostate cancer zapper that won’t ruin your love life: “Thousands of men with prostate cancer could be spared incontinence and sex-life problems thanks to a highly accurate new way of ‘cooking’ their tumours. At present, many men with early-stage prostate cancer opt to have the whole organ removed, to maximise the chance of being cured. But this approach carries a significant risk of being left incontinent, impotent, or both. An alternative, called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or ‘HiFu’, kills the tumour alone by using a thin beam of energy to heat up cancer cells to 90C. This leaves the prostate, and vital surrounding tissues, intact. But the technique has never really taken off due to concerns over its effectiveness. The trouble is that medics have been unable to use HiFu machines, which usually contain steel, at the same time as MRI scanners, which contain huge magnets. They must therefore operate using an MRI scan taken beforehand. Now, HiFu machines are being made without steel, enabling both devices to be used in combination”

Justice: Murderous creep ripped off by his wife: “Phil Spector has filed for divorce from his third wife of 10 years because she is splashing out on luxury sports cars, jets and homes with his money while he remains behind bars, TMZ reports. The 76-year-old music producer married Rachelle Short in 2006, just one month before he was charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, who was shot in the head in Spector’s California mansion. Spector is only reportedly allocated $300 a month as he continues to serve 19 years to life for second-degree murder in the California State Prison’s Health Care Facility in Stockton. Rachelle, a 35-year-old waitress-turned-pilot, has dropped $350,000 of her husband’s money on a plane according to TMZ. The gossip website also said she purchased two homes for her mother, as well as a Ferrari, Aston Martin, and expensive jewelry”

Serial puddle splasher ‘who goes out for fun in the rain looking for people to soak in a 4×4’ is hunted by police: “A motorist who is believed to deliberately drench people by driving through puddles in a 4×4 is being hunted by police. The serial puddle splasher allegedly goes out for fun around the Kentish Town area in North London every time it rains and looks for unsuspecting people to give a soaking. According to witnesses the driver has struck countless times over the past few months by travelling straight through puddles while close to the kerb. Police were aware of the incidents but were unable to track the driver down because they did not know his registration number. However the most recent splash attack was caught on camera and the number plate was on show. The force are now trying to trace the owner with a view to charging them with careless driving.

Is meditation key to a youthful mind? People using relaxation technique ‘have brains 7 YEARS younger’: “Regular meditation knocks seven and a half years off the middle-aged brain, a study found. The researchers said that the combination of intense concentration and relaxation may trigger the growth of new brain cells. And while they didn’t look at whether the meditators were also smarter, brain shrinkage is linked to Alzheimer’s and other memory-robbing diseases. The scientists scanned the brains of 50 American men and women who regularly meditated and 50 non-meditators. In general, the non-meditators’ brain age and actual age were the same, so a 55 year old’s brain looked like it was 55. However, the meditators’ brains were younger than their years, with the average 50-year-old having a brain that belonged in a 42 or 43 year-old’s body. However, he cautioned that those who mediate may lead healthier lifestyles in general.”

A domestic COW: “Beryl is the family pet with a difference- she’s a cow. Beryl the Brahman has become a social media star after her owners, Sally and Jake Webster, decided to share her dog-like antics with the world. From lazing on the couch to going on family holidays the 8-month-old cow is part of the family. ‘Ever since she was little she has done everything with us. She’s just so comfortable with us and I guess we just like to go with the flow,’ Ms Webster told Daily Mail Australia. Ms Webster and her partner Jake raise Beryl on their cattle farm in North Queensland, 90 kilometers west of Georgetown. Ms Webster says that Beryl’s personality sets her apart from most cows. ‘I’d say we’ve know she’s been extraordinary right from the start. We raise a number of Brahmans every year but not all possess such a flamboyant and amazing personality.'”

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