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Odd news from around the world

Is this Britain’s dumbest mother?: “A young mother, who hit the headlines last year after admitting she did not know who [Prime Minister] David Cameron is, has been left red faced once more after mistaking the late Prince for a member of the Royal family. Devon Boon, 22, from Stoke-on-Trent, left her friends rolling their eyes when she posted on Facebook: ‘The prince died on the Queen’s birthday… Illuminati’ immediately after hearing about the American artist’s death. Devon’s friends commented on the post in an attempt to correct her mishap, but the mother-of-one replied: ‘I know he’s a singer but he’s still a prince,’ before asking: ‘Royal people can still sing can’t they?’ Eventually Devon was put up to speed by her friend Adam but admits that up until then she had felt sorry for the Queen having lost a member of her family on her birthday”

Oil giant Shell unveils super-economy car: “The Project M, dubbed an ‘energy efficient concept car’, was revealed on Friday. Made up of a three-seat city-car design and a 660cc powerplant that can achieve a claimed 107mpg, it’s based on an F1-derived platform that’s already well tested. The space-age shape is the brain child of former McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray. With a one-plus-two seat layout (one at the front and two at the back), it’s a reasonably comfortable city vehicle for three, even though it has a road footprint no more than a quarter that of a Ford Mondeo. And don’t assume because it’s tiny it’s unsafe; the T27, an updated version of the T25 with an electric motor, passed Euro NCAP’s high-speed crash tests in 2011. The ‘iStream’ design, now in its third guise as part of the Shell partnership, is now more fuel efficient thanks to a bespoke engine lubricant. Tipping the scales at 550kg, it’s half as heavy as a conventional city car”

Eight hefty USC players in elevator were more than elevator could handle: “Zach Banner, a 360-pound USC football player, got stuck in an elevator with seven of his teammates as they made their way to dinner and began to live tweet the experience with hilarious results. The men’s combined weight far exceeded the recommended weight allowance for the elevator and much to their shock, they became stuck between floors. Despite the heat generated by the players in the small space, they attempted to make the best of the uncomfortable situation. ‘Zach Banner, USC, checking in. We’re stuck on the elevator. Eight O-linemen. We’re screwed,’ he said in the first tweet, which was sent around 6:30 p.m. Firefighters arrived a short time later with beverages and snacks, and began working to get the group out of the elevator, he tweeted. The football players also got creative during the hour-long incident, breaking into the ‘elevator rap’ at one point. They were finally freed at 7:30 p.m.”

Mini cruise ships can be good too: “Glen Etive, the latest addition to the Majestic Line fleet, is a little gem, with just six cabins. Built in the Ardmaleish Boatyard on the Clyde, she is a beauty, furnished in the style of a gentleman’s yacht, with lots of shiny brass and polished wood. Glen Etive joins Glen Tarsan and Glen Massan – two former fishing boats sailing the inlets and sea lochs of Argyll and the Hebrides – in offering luxury cruises of up to ten nights. Guests can spot golden eagles, sea eagles and porpoises on wildlife-watching trips, take coastal walks, visit remote islands such as St Kilda and Mingulay, or just gaze at the scenery in between gourmet meals made from freshly caught mackerel, crabs and lobsters. And here are some more great little cruise ships exploring destinations further afield. Hebridean Princess has a country house hotel atmosphere for a maximum of 50 guests, and usually sails around the west of Scotland from her base in Oban”

This is why you might not find room 420 in your hotel: “It’s not a widespread practice, but some hotel operators have taken to avoiding room number 420 entirely because of its association with cannabis and the troublemaking that sometimes occurs in rooms numbered as such. Yesterday in Australia, and today in other parts of the world, weed enthusiasts celebrated April 20 — or 4/20, in accordance with American date-keeping — by blazing up with pride, usually at 4.20pm on the dot, and celebrating pot culture generally. And so enthusiastic are some stoners about their drug of choice they have taken to stealing room 420 signs from hotels for souvenirs, or blazing up in the room itself. More here

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