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Odd news from around the world

A REALLY bad trip: “A man in France is in a serious condition after he partially cut his own penis off while on an LSD trip. According to The Local, the 30-year-old man was taking the hallucinogenic drug in the city of Lille last night when things got out of control. He is alleged to have beaten his girlfriend before attempting to slice off his own genitals. After becoming extremely agitated, he then jumped from a second storey window, landing on the street below. Police were called to the scene at around 5am this morning. They say he is now in a serious condition, but his injuries are not life threatening. The man could be in for a shock when he eventually comes around, and realises what he’s done. And, since LSD is not legal in France, he may well have a few questions to answer as well.

British man went to the toilet and found a 6ft long SNAKE slithering around in the bowl: “A charity shop volunteer got the fright of his life when he went to the toilet and found a six-foot long snake in the bowl. Peter Edge, 30, who volunteers with the Blue Cross, initially thought a colleague at the charity’s shop in Solihill, West Midlands, had played a practical joke on him, until he saw the creature’s head start to move. Mr Edge then called his assistant manager for help and together the pair freed the reptile’s tail from the cistern before trying to trap it in a picnic basket. However, the snake managed to slither away from their grasp and down the u-bend before disappearing out of sight. One customer, a veterinary nursing college student, who was inside the animal charity store at the time has since identified it as a corn snake”

Three idiot robbers are foiled after arming themselves with a ‘gun’ carved from a tree branch: “Three wannabe robbers in Guatemala were easily caught after reportedly planning to threaten their victims with a fake gun made out of wood. The trio apparently decided the best way to get rich quick was to stage an armed robbery, but realised they needed a gun to intimidate the victim. Because they did not have any weapons, according to reports they decided to make a fake gun out of wood, as well as a fake grenade. As these pictures show, this extremely poor imitation looks more like a tree branch than a gun, with even the trigger only held in place by string. They were arrested by police after a tip-off from locals who spotted them with the fake gun in the town of Amatitlan in southern Guatemala. Police found the men with the fake weapon and they apparently admitted they planned to use it to carry out a robbery”

Police uncover £25,000 of cannabis and scary circus mask in drug dealers’ car after spotting baseball bat and MACHETES on parcel shelf: “Bungling drug dealers lost their stash when police found their car with £25,000 worth of cannabis inside – after spotting a haul of machetes on the parcel shelf. Officers then carried out a full search of the car and discovered a white clown mask, three 1ft-long blades, a baseball bat, two knuckle dusters, class A drugs and cannabis inside. They initially became suspicious when they spotted a silver Honda Civic wanted in connection with other crimes parked outside an industrial unit in Saltley, Birmingham, West Mids. A West Midlands Police spokesman said: ‘Officers from the Birmingham East Gangs and Organised Crime Team have seized cannabis worth approximately £25,000 from vehicle on Highfield Road, Saltley. ‘Officers came across a vehicle parked up which had previously made off from police.

Barman, 23, got tattoo to surprise his friend … who’s called ISIS: “Callum Spragg, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, paid £30 to have ‘Isis’ written above his ankle, in honour of his friend who is named after the Egyptian goddess of love. But just weeks after the 2012 tattoo session, the name started to appear in headlines across the world as Islamic State, also known as ISIS, grew in notoriety. He said: ‘When I had it done Islamic State wasn’t as notorious as it is now, it was barely reported on. ‘I just had it done for a joke. It’s hard to believe that of all the names I could’ve had tattooed on me, it had to be that. ‘It was very much on the spur of the moment but by then it was too late. Isis didn’t believe me at first, she thought it was a wind up but when she realised I had really done it, she thought it was hilarious.’

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