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Odd news from around the world

Sacre bleu! French wine tasters declare English bubbly tastes BETTER than Champagne: “English sparkling wine was today toasting a spectacular victory over the French version – as an elite group of Parisian experts said it was better than Champagne. A team from Britain’s Wine and Spirit Trade Association travelled across the Channel and invited some of the biggest names in the Gallic restaurant and bar trade to a blind tasting. Many were convinced that some of the UK-produced fizz was from their own country…and in most cases they preferred it to Champagne. Nine out of 14 judges thought Nyetimber sparkling wine, produced in West Sussex was better than a £65 bottle of champagne. In the first tasting of its kind in Paris, those taking part said the English sparkling wine was better in two out of three categories, and it drew with the Champagne in the other. The English have always been great wine drinkers, but it is only in recent years that their own industry has started to flourish”

Monster insect: “A woman in Japan was shocked to find a giant insect crawling over one of the sweaters in her closet. The beast in question was a giant Asian hornet (vespa mandarinia), which is native to the mountains of Japan. They are known to Japanese as osuzumebachi – or sparrow bee – and possess a powerful venom that can dissolve human tissue. Fortunately the creature did not sting the lady and she managed to dispose of it outside without injury to either side. Asian hornets are most active between August and October but start to come out of hibernation in April and it is generally the queen that wakes up first. Last year Asian hornets, which had arrived in Europe in a Chinese pot plant, were blamed for the deaths of six people in France. The victims died from anaphylactic shock after being stung. There were fears Asian hornets – which can kill 40 honey bees in one go – might hop across the Channel to Britain”

Ostrich is freed from a circus by animal rights activists… and is immediately killed when it runs in front of a car: “An ostrich freed from a circus by animal rights activists enjoyed 10 minutes of freedom… before it was killed by a hit-and-run driver. Nala was sprung along with her partner Zawo and a goose called Fred from the Kaiser Circus in Munich on Monday evening. All three fled into the night after the door keeping them captive was removed from its hinges. But circus staff who went looking for them found Nala dead in the road a short distance from the big top. The two other birds were recaptured. Police say three men and a woman – known animal rights activists – were responsible for her death. The circus has been the target of a campaign against animals used for entertainment with poster defaced with the words: ‘Animal torturers. Free all animals'”

The clever T-shirt that lets travellers speak in any language: This clever T-shirt is emblazoned with 40 icons that tourists can use to communicate when they don’t know the local language in whatever country they’re in. Rather than rely on helpless hand gestures or dodgy attempts at foreign phrases, tourists can simply point to the icon on the shirt to say what they’re trying to get across. The shirt was designed by the Swiss team behind the Iconspeak company and was inspired by a communication breakdown while they were travelling through Vietnam. “We came up with the idea in 2013 when we were riding motorbikes through Vietnam and one broke down,” co-founder George Horn told CNN. He said he needed help to fix the motorbike but had ended up in a tiny village where no one could understand him in English or French. So he and his travelling companions drew icons on pieces of paper to get their message across. The approach was so successful, he and his mates continued to use icons during their travels. But they then decided to have the icons printed on a T-shirt so they’d be able to communicate more easily wherever they were.

Police officer faces firing after topless selfie in patrol car with semiautomatic on her lap: “A MEXICAN police officer is facing the sack after taking a topless selfie in her patrol car with a semiautomatic on her lap. Nildo Garcia was put on gardening leave after the saucy snap ended up on Facebook. Bosses identified her by the badge on the right sleeve of her uniform after being alerted to the outrageous snap of her reclining on the back seat of her official vehicle with her breasts exposed and her gun on her knees. She has not made any official comment since being suspended from her police job in Escobedo, a city in Nuevo Leon, northern Mexico, which is part of the Monterrey Metropolitan area.

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