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Odd news from around the world

‘Megamouth’ shark is caught by fishermen in Japan: “An extremely rare deepwater shark has been caught by fishermen in a Japanese village. The five-metre megamouth shark was snared on Friday in fishing nets five kilometres from the Owase Port in Mie Prefecture, Central Japan, reports Yahoo. Images show the fishermen holding open the enormous jaws of the deep sea dweller, which weighed a ton. The elusive shark was bought by a local fish monger and shipped outside the prefecture. Megamouth sharks have only been spotted 60 times since they were discovered in 1976. Most have been found in Japan, the Philippines and Taiwan. Megamouth sharks can reach to a maximum length of five metres and have a life span of up to 100 years. The species descend as deep as 160 metres under water during the day before rising to 12 metres during the night to feed. They swim with their huge mouths open to feed on plankton and other food.”

Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold from recycled electronic devices last year…worth a cool $40million: “Apple also recovered 6,612 pounds of silver, 2,953,360 pounds of copper, and 23,101,000 pounds of steel. The company said it recovered 61,357,800 pounds ‘of material recovered for reuse through take-back initiatives in 2015’ The technology giant said in its annual environmental responsibility report: ‘In 2015, we collected nearly 90 million pounds of e-waste through our recycling programs.’ It said: ‘We work hard to keep electronic devices out of landfills so that the precious resources they contain can be reused. ‘And we want to ensure that these devices are recycled properly so they don’t pose a threat to human health or the environment. ‘That’s why we’ve developed recycling collection events, take-back initiatives, and efforts like Apple Renew, a global program that lets you bring used Apple devices to any Apple Store for reuse or responsible recycling.'”

Mysterious foam fills the streets of Japanese city in the wake of the country’s second deadly earthquake: “A mystery layer of foam covered the streets of a city in Japan in the aftermath of an earthquake which hit the country this week. The foamy substance appeared in the centre of the southern city of Fukuoka in the early hours of Saturday, following a 7-magnitude quake which shook the Kumamoto region. A magnitude-6.5 earthquake had struck the same area on Thursday night, but residents of Fukuoka reported little damage in the aftermath of either. People posted images and a video of the unexplained foam on Twitter, leading many to speculate on its cause, with one theory that a tremor may have caused a underground water pipe to burst. The disaster left 410,000 homes without water and 200,000 with no power, forcing crowds of people to queue for food and water at emergency aid centres set up in the wake of the aftershocks.

Poisonous British bureaucracy: “A good Samaritan who spent hours clearing the rubbish from his neighbourhood was told he could not dispose of it at a council rubbish dump – because it was not his own. Colin Shadbolt, 51, spent several hours collecting litter from roadsides in Faversham, Kent. But when he turned up at the tip, staff told him: ‘You can’t take rubbish to the rubbish tip.’ Father of three Colin, said: ‘Over the past two weeks I have been walking up the road picking up the litter along that way as I go. I went to the tip on Tuesday with a couple of bags of rubbish and they said I could not bring that in there, it goes against their rules. ‘When I was at the tip, there were a few people standing about and they were flabbergasted, too.’ Kent County Council later confirmed the tip workers were right and he needed to be a licensed waste collector”

Hugging banned at Australian grade school: “HUGGING has been banned at a Geelong primary school with children told to find other ways to show affection. St Patricks Primary School principal John Grant said “nothing in particular” had caused the ban on hugging at the Geelong West school. “But in this current day and age we are really conscious about protecting kids and teaching them from a young age that you have to be cautious,” Mr Grant said. He said he had spoken to teachers about his decision to ban hugging and then the teachers had spoken to classes, instructing the children on different methods of showing affection. He had not sent any correspondence home to parents but said there would now be a letter going home on Monday. Children at the school have been enthusiastic huggers, he said, with hugs given out to teachers and other children. “We have a lot of kids who walk up and hug each other and we’re trying to encourage all of us to respect personal space,” Mr Grant said”

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