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Odd news from around the world

Pencil shortage: “IT’S THE craze that has brought out the artist in all of us. Yes, colouring has become cool again, but the trend is creating a bit of chaos — particularly for some manufacturers. Whether you’re 13 or 30, the pastime of putting pencil to paper has gone through a substantial growth in the past 12 month, with sales skyrocketing in the adult creative field. “Pencils have gone up 300 per cent in sales in one year alone for our adult range,” said Count Andy Faber-Castell. In the UK, a surge in the number of people buying adult colouring books and pencil threatened stock worldwide as manufacturers struggled to keep up with demand. National Sales Manager for Crayola, Julian Horvat, said the demand caused “production manufacturing challenges”, but said they were now starting to meet customer requirements after receiving large sale volumes over the Christmas period.

Child Nearly Drowns – Gains Power of Speech: “Ethan dove into the pond, got Catalina and carried her to the sidewalk above the pond, where a neighbor helped with CPR efforts until a police officer arrived. Eventually, Catalina spit up water and started crying. Only then did Natalie think her baby girl would survive. But it seems something happened, and Holiday says her daughter is a “different child.” “Her big brown doe eyes are just sparkling and she’s back,” Holiday remembered thinking when Catalina came out of sedation a day earlier than expected. And then something else happened that Natalie will never forget. Catalina, a child who has never spoken a word, started talking. Natalie says Catalina is developmentally delayed and her motor skills are challenged. She says Catalina would gesture to communicate. Since coming out of sedation, she hasn’t stopped talking. Her first word on her first day of talking was “mommy.”

Inky the Octopus’s Great Escape: “It was a daring escape in the middle of night that saw Inky the octopus make a successful dash for freedom from his tank to the Pacific Ocean. The male octopus squeezed himself out of the aquarium after staff left the lid slightly ajar at the National Aquarium in Napier, a coastal city on New Zealand’s North Island. He managed to crawl his way down the side of the tank and slid across the floor, before squeezing into a 150 mm [6″] drainage pipe that led to the nearby ocean, reported NZ Herald. Manager Rob Yarrell said octopuses were famous for escaping their enclosures, but Inky’s getaway was remarkable. ‘The lid had been left just slightly ajar, just slightly, and he found this rather tempting, climbed out, and was able to make his way across the floor,’ said Mr Yarrell. ‘Now being an aquarium we have drains dotted all over the place in case of large leaks or spillages or things like that and we draw water from the ocean we use it and then we send it back again. ‘He managed to make his way to one of the drain holes that go back to the ocean and off he went”

World’s strongest material: Scientists create ‘wonder substance’ carbyne in large amounts for the first time: “After eluding scientists for more than 50 years, a team of researchers has now found a way to not only synthesize carbyne, but to mass produce it. This one-dimensional form of carbon is thought to be stronger than any other known to scientists, surpassing the stiffness of diamond by more than 40-fold. In the new method, the researchers have used a double-walled carbon nanotube to grow stable carbon chains of record-breaking lengths. Carbyne is linear acetylenic carbon, or an infinitely long carbon chain. Its existence was first proposed in 1885 by Adolf von Baeyer, who warned it would remain elusive due to extreme instability. Led by Thomas Pichler, researchers from the University of Vienna have now developed a way to bulk produce carbon chains made up of more than 6,400 carbon atoms. ‘Furthermore, the mechanical and electronic properties of carbyne are exceptional,’ Rubio said, ‘and suggest a wealth of new possibilities for the design of nanoelectronic as well as optomechanical devices.”

‘This room is the breast!’: “A hotel guest has been accommodated in the ‘breast ever’ room after flicking on the lights to see a pair of breasts on the ceiling made in the shadows. An image of the display was posted to photo sharing site Imgur on Friday and has been viewed more than two-and-a-half million times worldwide. It is not clear where and when the photo was taken, but witty commenters have speculated it may be a new twist on the well-known hotel chain – Breast Western. ‘Friend switched on the lights in his hotel room and looked up,’ the original poster wrote on Imgur. ‘Dude this room is the breast!’ one commented. ‘Yes the view is quite titillating,’ said another”

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