Another way a Texan says “Keep outta my farm”

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That hay could be valuable at times




Odd news from around the world

Tourist faces fine of up to $170,000 for flying camera drone over Colosseum: “A TOURIST is learning the high price of trying to snap a spectacular aerial shot of Rome’s iconic Colosseum. The French holiday-maker was caught by Italian police flying his camera drone above the ancient attraction, violating strict local laws on piloting remote aircraft. Police were contacted and the man was arrested. He now faces a whopping $170,000 fine for the transgression, and has had his drone seized by police. Italy has strict laws that cover the use of drones, including a ban on flights higher than 70 metres, and further than 150 metres from the pilot. Crucially for the law-breaking tourist, drones cannot be flown over populated areas”

The ancient mystery of spiralling holes across Peru has been solved with the use of satellite images: “THE ancient mystery of spiralling holes carefully constructed across the barren valleys of southern Peru has finally been solved by a researcher. Known as puquios, the holes are located in the Nasca region of Peru — a location famous for gigantic geometric images carved into the landscape. Rosa Lasaponara of the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis described the puquios as a “sophisticated hydraulic system constructed to retrieve water from underground aquifers”, reports theBBC. Ms Lasaponara said the discovery explained how the native people of Nasca were able to survive in a region severely lacking water, and development of plant and animal life. According to the researcher, the corkscrewing funnels were used to force wind down to a series of underground canals, which then forced water through the system to areas it was needed.”

‘Australia’s dumbest crooks’ try to deliver drugs to prison, instead deliver themselves: “Two criminals could be dubbed ‘Australia’s dumbest crooks’ after delivering themselves straight into the hands of prison guards. While most crooks would run a mile to avoid it, these two men were filmed sprinting toward the prison. Officers responded with their weapons drawn and busted the pair, catching them with ice, cannabis, phones and prescription drugs. The two men are now locked up inside. “It was broad daylight, they were very motivated and they were engaged by one of the more established criminals,” General Manager of Wellington Correctional Centre Brad Peebles said. “We take a zero tolerance on contraband in correctional centres”

This wedding dress is stunning… but can you tell why nobody wants to wear it?: “AN award-winning baker has come up with a wedding day must-have after creating the world’s first ‘weddible’ dress — made entirely out of cake. The tasty little number was fashioned by award-winning cake sculptor, Sylvia Elba, and weighs a whopping 70kg. The Weddible Dress bridal gown took a team of three more than 300 hours to complete, and stands at an impressive 170cm tall. It is accessorised with 35kgs of fondant, three kgs of cake lace and around 2,000 sheets of wafer paper, glued to the dress with approximately 10 bottles of edible decorating liquid. The impressive frock will be showcased at the two-day Cake International exhibition in Alexandra Palace, London, which kicks off on Saturday.

Is 28 the new mid-life crisis age for women? “28 is freaking me out.” So said a friend of mine a week after her 28th birthday. She was feeling low, anxious, and lost. She did everything right; went to the GP to get a mental health plan and spoke to a professional. When she told me what was on her mind, she felt silly. “28 isn’t old, I know… but I suddenly feel anxious.” As a wise 27-year-old, I told her not to worry, because she was still young, glowing and carefree, like the girls in a tampon ad. Helpful. And then another friend turned 28. And the same discussion ensued. Anxiety, mild depression, existential crises. With a good dose of guilt and silliness on the top. And then another friend. And then another. And then me. I turned 28, and it passed with joyous but minimal ceremony. Within a few weeks though, a thought crept in to my head: by my age, my Mum was married and caring for a baby, with another arriving soon-ish. By 28, some people have become millionaires. Or surgeons. Or retired from tennis careers. And I still hadn’t figured out how to fold a fitted sheet.

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