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Odd news from around the world

Skinny competitions among Chinese women: “Thousands of photos of women measuring how thin they are with iPhones and Chinese currency are circulating on the Internet, sparking a heated debate in China about beauty standards. One of the most recent “challenges” encourage young women to wrap a 100-yuan bill around their wrist to prove the ends overlap. Measuring just over 6 inches in length, the red bill is one of the larger gauges people have used. Other “devil body challenges” include showing your legs are no wider than an iPhone 6 at the knees or balancing five coins on your collar bone to show it protrudes. The name “devil body challenge” comes from Chinese mythology about evil spirits who change into beautiful, long-limbed sirens to seduce and entrap mortal men. The trend of measuring one’s body with objects has been applauded in some media as a sign of fitness. But Chinese activists, fashion editors and psychologists are condemning such contests for fostering unhealthy views of attractiveness”

Why coffee brings on the call of nature: “A morning coffee does more than give us a bit of a buzz – for many a morning latte is quickly followed by a trip to the loo. So why the laxative effect? Professor Jane Andrews, Royal Adelaide Hospital gastroenterologist, told ninemsn Coach it’s due to the volume of caffeine in coffee. “Caffeine is a smooth muscle stimulant, and your gut is a tube of smooth muscle,” she explains. “If you put a lot of caffeine into your body, it actually makes the gut muscles contract. So does nicotine; if people have a cigarette, they often need to go to the toilet too.” Dr Andrews says some people question why tea doesn’t have the same affect, but she says that’s because tea has significantly less caffeine than coffee. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine’s affects than others and Dr Andrews says that if you’re used to having a lot of coffee, you might find it requires more cups to get it working like a laxative”

China erupts with fury over footage of women being assaulted in hotel: “A YOUNG woman who was choked, violently assaulted and almost kidnapped in a hotel in China has sparked a social media firestorm after sharing security footage of the sickening attack. The video has attracted more than two billion views — more than the number of people in China — and has become one of the most hotly debated topics in the country. Uploaded on China’s Twitter equivalent, Weibo, on Tuesday by a woman using the name Wanwan, the surveillance footage shows a woman being grabbed and dragged across a hotel corridor by a man. Even worse, the attack at the Yitel hotel in Beijing unfolded in full view of bystanders who did nothing to stop it. The woman is dragged to the ground by the man as a bystanders watches on. After a failed attempt to flee through the elevator, the woman was eventually rescued by a female stranger

Would you eat this ‘horrific’ sandwich?: “IT’S the sandwich filling that has the Twittersphere divided and in immense debate. Is this the most “horrific” sandwich filling ever? Dale Earnhardt Jr, who is a professional car driver in the USA, decided to post a photo of his favourite sandwich. No big deal, right? Wrong. Because his humble snack was met with disgust and horror, with some social media users saying the filling would make them “want to barf”. So what did he put on the two slices to prompt such outrage? Try banana and mayonnaise. The questionable combo has been met with disgust, with one user saying the idea was “horrific”, and making another feel “nauseous”. Despite the criticism, some social media users decided to give the combo a try — and fallen in love with the result.”

A super rat, the size of a small child, has been captured in the UK: “A rat the size of a toddler has been captured by stunned pest control experts after terrorising residents in Grimsby. The huge creature measuring 60 centimetres [2′] was caught by S.W.A.T Total Pest Control in Grimsby after one of their technicians, Spencer Harris, was called to a house to deal with reports of vermin running across the patio. Despite a recent surge in “fake” pictures of giant rats, S.W.A.T’s Jeff Sullivan said this beast was the “real deal” amid fears that a “plague” of super rats could develop due to a mild winter. “A lot of people take photos of rats at various angles to make it look larger than it actually is, but this is exactly as you see it,” Mr Sullivan said. “I have been doing pest control for a considerable amount of time and this is the biggest we have ever caught”

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