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Odd news from around the world

Is this the world’s biggest snake? “A massive python measuring more than 26ft in length has been found in Malaysia – and could set a new record for the biggest snake ever caught. Photos of the fearsome creature released by the Malaysian Civil Service show more than a dozen workers posing for photographs with the enormous beast. Weighing more than 550lbs, the reticulated python could set a new record with only a handful of specimens previously caught known to exceed more than 20ft. The python, which requires multiple people to carry it, was found on the island of Penang, a developed piece of land located off the country’s western coast. Native to South East Asia, reticulated pythons have for years held claim to be the longest snakes in the world. Typical prey includes mammals such as monkeys and apes, pigs, deer and occasionally birds. An excellent swimmer, pythons have also been found far out at sea and are known to populate small islands in this way”

Venezuelan president urges women to stop using hairdryers in desperate bid to tackle energy crisis: “Women in Venezuela have been told to save using a hairdryer for a special occasion, as the country battles an ongoing power shortage. ‘I always think a woman looks better when she just runs her fingers through her hair and lets it dry naturally. It’s just an idea I have,’ said president Nicolas Maduro this week, as he urged the country to save power. Along with reducing appliance usage, Mr Maduro announced an emergency plan to give Venezuelan workers every Friday off work for the next two months. The president also advised his countrymen make the most of the hot weather and shirk tumble-dryers in favour of leaving clothes outside to dry, the Independent reported. A severe drought has left levels at hydroelectric dams at extremely low levels”

Canadian Indians not happy: “A remote indigenous town in Canada has declared a state of emergency amid a suicide epidemic that saw 11 young people try and take their lives in a single night. Council leaders in Attawapiskat First Nation, a town of just 2,000 people on remote James Bay, say they have been ‘overwhelmed’ with the number of suicide attempts in recent months. Since September last year 101 people aged from 11 to 71 have attempted suicide with only four health workers, none of whom have mental health training, left to deal with the fall-out. The latest spate of suicides, which has plagued the community for decades, began last September when five young girls overdosed on medication and had to be airlifted to hospital. The following month Sheridan, the 13-year-old great niece of Jackie Hookimaw, a resident of the community, took her life, the sole fatality of the crisis so far”

Ever wondered what’s inside a rattlesnake’s tail?: “If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside the tail of a deadly rattlesnake, a father and son duo have the answers. ‘What’s Inside?’, a popular YouTube channel originally started by Daniel Markham for his son Lincoln’s science project, regularly takes a look at what is inside everyday objects and even animals. Their latest video shows the pair dissecting the tail of a rattlesnake that Mr Markham ‘bought on eBay’ from a man in Texas. Daniel then dissected the tail of the rattlesnake with a sharp knife, the ‘buttons’ which make up the tail cracking as he cut through them. The pair discovered much to their surprise that the tail was empty inside. The rattling sound is made when two hollow layers of hardened keratin at the end of the tail hit against each other”

The science of FRECKLES: “Some people think freckles are beautiful, while others try all sorts of strange ways to try to get rid or hide them. The dark marks are related to uneven pigment in the skin and pale people with red hair are more likely to have them. ‘Freckles are small dots on the skin that contain high amounts of melanin,’ Hank Green, host of a US-based YouTube channel SciShow, said in a recent video how freckles form. Melanin is the protein that’s responsible for pigmenting our skin, eyes, and hair. It is produced by specialised cells called melanocytes in response to sunlight, which darkens the skin and creates a protective layer that partially blocks UV rays. In those with freckles, melanin is produced in little clumps which get darker when exposed to sunlight. They also become fainter when there’s less sunlight. This is why babies are never born with freckles -they might be there, but will not become visible until they are exposed to sunlight.

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