A most accomplished waiter

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Waiter Alejandro Garcia Mourelo fills his tray with cups of hot chocolate and plates of churros at the Chocolate Shop San Gines in Madrid, Spain. The Chocolate Shop San Gines was founded in 1894




Odd news from around the world

Internet goes crazy over exploding watermelon: “MORE than 800,000 viewers tuned into Facebook overnight at the same time to watch a live stream of two people placing rubber bands around a watermelon one at a time until it finally exploded. The numbers spotlighted Facebook’s early success at drawing sizeable audiences for appointment viewing as it competes with Snapchat, Twitter’s Periscope and even traditional TV. “Facebook is trying to find ways to retain users and increase their time with the platform. They’re giving them a reason why they should be checking their timeline as frequently as possible,” said Brian Weiser, a tech analyst for Pivotal.

Man emerges unscathed from encounter with a BEAR by screaming at it: “A man managed to escape unscathed after a surprise encounter with a bear – all thanks to the power of his vocal cords. The man, who was hiking with a friend when the bear showed up, can be heard in a Youtube video screaming at the top of his lungs to scare the animal. The bear, which looks ready to charge at first, lingers for a short while before walking away. The man explained in the video’s description that he didn’t have a gun or spray to deter the bear and thus had to resort to screaming to ‘call out his bluff’. The bear begins to retreat towards the back of the hill as the man lets out an: ‘Oh my God.’ ‘I consider myself very lucky to have walked away from this one unharmed,’ he wrote underneath the video.”

New York Democrats claim Republican-controlled Senate won’t give them enough toilet paper: “New York Democrats have complained that the GOP-controlled Senate are not giving them enough toilet paper. The Senate Democratic leadership say their district offices are limited to just six rolls every month, the New York Post reports. While the paper they do receive is cheap and low quality, they say. Some staffers have even started bringing in their own rolls in desperation. Republican Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan is in charge of office expenses and staff budgets for both parties. As part of his role, he attempts to limit spending and capping items, his spokesman said. The spokesman insists that Democrats and Republicans all receive exactly the same amount of toilet paper. Assembly members do not have the same limits and are free to order as much as they like up to their annual office budget of $2,750”

Facebook is to blame for your phone’s rubbish battery life: “We’ve been suspicious for a long time, and now there’s finally proof: the Facebook app is a nasty energy vampire, reducing the battery life of our mobile devices by almost 20 per cent. Facebook’s engineering manager Ari Grant acknowledged the problem last October and promised the company would fix the issue. The Guardian’s technology reporter Samuel Gibbs tested out both Android and iOS devices with and without the app, with surprising results. Gibbs ditched the Facebook app from his Huawei Nexus 6P and noticed that beside speeding the phone up considerably, the experiment saved 20 per cent of his battery. He conducted the same test on an iPhone 6S Plus, finding that scraping the app and instead using facebook from Safari saved up to 15 per cent of battery life. It also freed some 500MB of storage in the process.

A Guy’s Fitbit Saved His Life. No Really: “Doctors were able to save a man’s life thanks to the Fitbit he was wearing. The 42-year-old, from New Jersey, US, was rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure, Gizmodo reports. On reaching the emergency ward, the medical team realised he had an irregular heart beat. However, in order to treat him they had to determine whether his condition was chronic or a result of the seizure. The data on his Fitbit made it clear that it was the seizure that had triggered his abnormal heart rhythm. “Using the patient’s activity tracker — in this case, a Fitbit — we were able to pinpoint exactly when the patient’s normal heart rate of 70 jumped up to 190,” said Dr Alfred Sacchetti from Our Lady of Lourdes hospital, where the patient was treated. “Dizziness with a heart rate of 180 would be approached very differently from the same complaint with a heart rate of 30.”

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