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Odd news from around the world

Nutty woman: “MEET Sue Aikens. She is arguably the toughest grandmother in the world. She also happens to live on one of the most remote and inhospitable patches on said planet — at the top of the Arctic Circle. With only a friendly gang of foxes to keep her company, she lives on a sustainable dwelling in the remote Alaskan outpost of Kavik River Camp, located 24km from the Arctic Ocean, 128km to the closest road, and 804km from the nearest big city. Occasionally she hosts brave tourists who want to come spend a night at her camp during the warmer months — for $US350 a night. But otherwise she battles bears, wolverines and temperatures of minus 42C all on her lonesome. Sue Aikens is one of the stars of Life Below Zero on the National Geographic channel. Among the things revealed by the Life Below Zero star, is that her favourite meal up there is Caribou (“it’s so clean and tasty, yummo!!)

Rich kids are accidentally get their parents into trouble by boasting about wealth: “Ever wondered “how the other half lives”? Well, all you need to do these days is a quick sweep of Instagram. Accounts like the aptly-named Rich Kids of London give a great insight into the lavish lifestyles of wealthy youngsters in our capital. But apparently these youths could be accidentally getting parents – or at least, those with something to hide – in serious trouble, according to an intelligence firm. Oisin Fouere, managing director of K2 Intelligence, told the Guardian that social media is increasingly the ‘first port of call’ in litigation cases, ranging from divorces to asset disputes. According to the intelligence experts, lawyers look to the social media posts of the children of wealthy adults involved in such cases – which can often give away how much money they really have in assets. In one instance involving an asset recovery case, a man claimed to have no significant valuables. But investigators found a social media post by his child that was taken on his $25m yacht in the Bahamas.

A Western Australian man was arrested for having a seatbelt around his beer but not his kids: “In case you were wondering what the most Australian crime of this week was, we have a winner. Broome Police pulled over an already suspended driver on the Great Northern Highway yesterday after catching him speeding well over the speed limit. But that wasn’t the worst thing the man had done that day. In the front seat the officers found two cases of beer that were seat belted into position, while the man’s children were laying on adults’ laps and seated in the car’s foot wells”

Deadly octopus hides inside ball children played with: “Danger lurks in every corner of Australia and tennis balls appear to be no exception. A Western Australia mum has told how her children were playing with a tennis ball when a deadly blue ringed octopus emerged from inside it. Kristy Edgelow said her children had found the split tennis ball in a river in North Fremantle and spent about 20 minutes throwing it around before her son noticed something moving inside, Perth Now reports. “We got the fright of our lives when this little fellow popped his leg out and we realised it was a blue-ringed octopus,” she said. The blue ringed octopus is among the most lethal marine creatures in the world. There is no anti-venom for their poison, which causes breathing difficulties, paralysis and can lead to death without immediate medical treatment”

Dogs taught how to fly a plane — seriously: “IT MIGHT sound barking mad, but it turns out dogs can fly. A New Zealand dog trainer who taught RSPCA dogs to drive has done the unthinkable and managed to train dogs how to pilot a plane in a bid to prove just how capable rescue dogs can be. Last year, animal trainer and zoologist Mark Vette spent four months in the United Kingdom working with rescue dogs for the series, Dogs Might Fly, which is only just airing in Britain. In a world first, Mr Vette was able to successfully train three rescue dogs, Reggie, Shadow and Alfie, to fly a plane, and even perform tricks, including a figure of eight manoeuvre. “It takes a lot of training and a lot of work and integration to build that collaboration but it’s amazing, the more I’ve flown with the dogs the more intuitive they get.” The process involved training the dogs on a flight simulator: ”

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