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Odd news from around the world

Collection of Chinese antiques bought by a British farmer for as little as £100-a-piece sells for incredible £45.9MILLION: “A collection of Chinese antiques bought by a farmer for as little £100 per item has sold for £45.9million. Roger Pilkington of Aldbourne, Wiltshire, collected 100 pieces of exquisite Chinese ceramics during the late 1950s and early 1960s. The late Mr Pilkington paid between £100 (£3,000 in today’s currency) and £5,000 (£140,000 today) for pieces from the Tang, Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, which spanned from 618 to 1912. But the value of Asian antiques has shot up in recent years, with Chinese dealers buying back cultural pieces that were taken from the continent in the 19th century. The pieces were expected to fetch £20million when they went under the hammer in Hong Kong but they proved wildly popular and Mr Pilkington’s family – including his three children – has walked away with a £45.9million fortune”

China’s largest ‘ghost city’: Museums, mosques and giant horses… the surreal town which was meant to house a million people but stands almost empty: “The haunting secrets of a futuristic mega-ghost town in China’s Inner Mongolia, constructed for a million people and filled with remarkable architecture, have been revealed in a new series of photographs called ‘A Failed Utopia’. The images, taken by Shanghai-based photographer Raphael Olivier, reveal the desolate cityscapes of Ordos, a city left almost entirely uninhabited. The city as a whole fills a total of 137 square miles of desert, covering an area of land larger than Las Vegas, just 350 miles from Beijing. Construction of the empty city began back in 2004 and continued until around 2012. It was designed to be the crowing urban glory of Inner Mongolia. However, despite it being lined with state-of-the-art infrastructure and stunning architectural structures, property seekers have decided to stay away”

Swan ‘hugs’ man who saved her life: “The close relationship between a man and a swan has been revealed in touching photos. Richard Wiese visited the Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset a few years ago to host the TV show Born To Explore when he first met the animal. The presenter built up a relationship with the swan, which was injured from flying into a chain link fence, as he nursed it back to health. It was later transported to a sanctuary for treatment. Reunited years later, the bird has not forgotten the act of kindness and was captured displaying its gratitude. I pulled it to my chest and somehow it felt comfortable or safe, and within minutes it just surrendered itself. It literally took its neck and wrapped it around mine,’ Wiese told ABC News.

The touchphone generation start young: ” A four-year-old boy saved his mother’s life by unlocking her phone to ring for help while she was having a seizure. Camden Vaughan managed to get hold of his father Jeremy after failing to wake up his mother, Misty. Dr Vaughan was at his office when he took the call from his terrified son. He told ABC News: ‘He said “Daddy, you need to come home. Mommy can’t wake up.”‘ Dr Vaughan rushed to the family home in Dallas, Texas, where he found his wife collapsed. Camden was able to unlock the phone because he has used it often to play on games and had the passcode memorised. He went to the ‘favourites’ tab on the phone, found his father’s photograph next to his number, and made the call. Misty Vaughan has now returned home after suffering what is believed to be a seizure”

Malaysian airline sparks security concerns with odd boarding passes: “RAYANI Air shot to the world’s attention last year as Malaysia’s first sharia-compliant airline — but now it is being talked about for all the wrong reasons. A passenger who flew with the budget airline last month has uploaded a photograph of the boarding pass he was issued — a primitive, handwritten note on a basic piece of paper. And it has now sparked security concerns and the threat of suspension of the airline, which launched last year and took its maiden flight in December. Facebook users were quick to question its legitimacy and point out the troubling lack of a barcode. “No barcode on a boarding pass is a serious security risk. Anyone can print a paper boarding (pass) and walk into the plane,” one Facebook user wrote.

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