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Odd news from around the world

The bravest Jackal alive: Scavenger sneaks up behind a lion and bites its TAIL: “This is the cheeky moment a brave jackal sneaked up behind a dosing lion and bit the end of its tail in a game reserve in Botswana. Feeling the sensitive pain in its tail, the lion quickly woke up and turned round to pounce on his enemy only to see the jackal making a very swift exit into the bush. Mr Drysdale, 54, was photographing animals in Piper Pan Central Kalahari Game Reserve when he spotted the lion and the jackal. ‘I wondered what the jackal was going to do, but I certainly didn’t expect him to bite the Lions tail. I thought the inter-action was very funny and typical of a bold naughty jackal,’ he said.”

The note you do NOT want to find in your sheets when you’re at a hotel: “A hotel guest in Florida has made a shocking discovery between their sheets. A hotel guest in Florida has made a shocking discovery between their sheets, prompting hundreds to share their hotel nightmares stories. After checking into a hotel for the night, a Reddit user was getting into bed when they heard a crinkling sound and pulled back the sheets to investigate. There, written on a piece of paper taken from a Courtyard Marriott pad was a note. “If you’re reading this then house keeping did not change your sheets!” it read. “This is how reddit changes the world,” wrote thisf******american. “If everyone did this note leaving with a date stamp and a penis drawn on it between sheets of hotel beds, we could like, have clean sheets and s***. Or free rooms?”

More of that “compassionate” government healthcare in Britain: “A young woman was left in blood-soaked clothes and suffered a miscarriage after hospital staff ignored her desperate requests for help for six hours. She was changing her clothes with the help of her boyfriend behind a curtain when the nine-week-old foetus fell to the floor. When they told a nurse what had happened, it was picked up and put in a container next to them. Miss Kenward was so distressed by the experience she demanded to be seen immediately by a doctor so she could be discharged. She said: ‘Compassion should be the first thing you receive on the NHS, especially when you turn up at A&E. But no one thought about me or how I felt. ‘There were several people who saw me crying but no one was nice to me. They treated me like a dog. It wasn’t like they were rushed off their feet. I saw people sitting around a computer talking”

STOP drinking skim milk! Full-cream dairy ‘reduces risk of diabetes – and helps you LOSE weight’: “Decades worth of dietary advise has drummed into us that skimmed milk is better than whole. But now, two new studies have revealed we may be better off sticking with the full-fat option. Scientists determined that people who consume full-fat dairy generally weigh less than those who drink skim. Furthermore, those who drink whole milk are 46 per cent less likely to develop diabetes than their low-fat favoring counterparts. The scientists analyzed the blood of 3,333 adults participating in the Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study, which was taken over the course of 15 years. The study, published in the journal Circulation, determined that people who had higher levels of full-fat dairy had a reduced risk of developing diabetes than those with lower levels”

Is this rock proof of a lost European civilisation?: “It may look like the boulder that chased Indiana Jones out of a lost temple, but an archaeologist claims a bizarre natural sphere found in Bosnia is far from a film prop. In fact, he believes it is the world’s oldest man-made sphere and claims it proves Europe has an advanced lost civilisation that used impressive technology more than 1,500 years ago. But there seems to be no proof that the ‘sphere’ is anything more than an unusual product of nature at the moment. Controversial archaeologist Semir Osmanagic made the sensational claims in a forest at Podubravlje. He discovered the ‘stone ball’ near the town Zavidovici in central Bosnia and Herzegovina and said it is the heaviest man-made ball in the world. It has a radius of between four and five feet (1.2 to 1.5 metres)”

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