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Odd news from around the world

Baby marsupial follows an IT worker’s every move around an office: “A heartwarming video has emerged of a baby wombat following an IT worker around an office kitchen. The adopted father appears surprised to have a willing companion join him on a journey around the kitchen’s long bench. After one lap of the bench the wombat stops in sync with the the man’s footsteps, turns around and walks through his legs. A response tweet by @realscientists said the wombat was brought into the workplace by its foster mum after it was orphaned.”

Satellite picture shows the Nile River flowing blood red: “The Nile River flows blood red in a new image released by the ESA, drawing comparisons to the biblical First Plague, in which the Egyptian waterway was turned to blood. But, the image from Sentinel-3A shows something else entirely, combining radiometer and colour data to map the region’s environmental features. The colour indicates the presence of vegetation along the river as it cuts through the surrounding desert. It appears to show the Nile flowing scarlet, but the image from Sentinel-3A combines radiometer and colour data to map environmental features. In the Bible, Egypt is struck by 10 plagues for trying to prevent the Hebrew people from leaving. The first of these plagues turned all the waters of Egypt, including the Nile River, to blood”

Driver attempts incredible 400-foot climb up a steep hill known as ‘The Widowmaker’ in his pickup truck: “They don’t call it ‘The Widowmaker’ for nothing. But that didn’t stop one daredevil driver from attempting to ascent Batchelor Hills in Kamloops, British Columbia. While the treacherous slope has been tried by many over the years – more often than not unsuccessfully – it is usually done in a reinforced tractor or vehicles fitted out with Nitrous oxide. However one man decided to tackle it in his standard 2015 GMC Sierra – and managed to pull it off. At one point during the clip, it doesn’t seem as if the truck is going to make it, as it nears the peak. However, after a slight struggle, the driver perseveres and finally conquers the cliff.”

Most cats HATE cars: “For a cat, there’s nothing quite like laying by the window and watching the world go by. And it seems that Rory the cat has found the ultimate window from which to survey her domain, lounging on the top of her owner’s dashboard. The cute kitty was caught on camera staring straight up at the sky. Meanwhile the trees and trucks of the highway rush on by as her ‘mom’ cruises down the Interstate near Los Angeles. She explains how her cat is an 11-month old female tabby, who was rescued last July. ‘I have such admiration for animals because of how fascinated they are by the things we take for granted everyday,’ Kelsey wrote. ‘And yes I let my kitty lay on the dashboard, she’s my excuse to drive in the carpool lane.'”

Divorced, older dads are now the perfect catch: “Divorced men with children were once considered poor marriage material for women. But a study has found that women are now more than happy to marry men in this situation – and they don’t mind if they are unattractive or old if they earn a decent salary. The survey of a sample of more than 500 unmarried Americans found that, compared to 22 years ago, women are happier to marry men with marital histories. Now they are more likely follow the example of Woody Allen’s wife Soon-Yi Previn. She married twice-divorced father Allen, 80, despite being 35 years his junior. One theory for the change in women’s attitudes to divorcees is that they think men who have married before can commit to long-term relationships and are attractive enough for another woman to want as her partner. ‘Being previously married could potentially function as a cue to good mate value,’ the researchers said”

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