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Odd news from around the world

Missing Tugboat Found after 95 Years: “The USS Conestoga (AT 54) mysteriously vanished without a distress call nearly 100 years ago, with 56 officers and sailors on board. The nation was gripped by the puzzling disappearance. Now, NOAA and the U.S. Navy announced the Navy seagoing fleet tugboat has been found in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary off San Francisco, 95 years after its disappearance. Conestoga left San Francisco on March 25, 1921 en route to Tutuila, American Samoa via Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, but never reached its destination. Conestoga was the last U.S. Navy ship to be lost in peacetime without a trace. The case remained cold until NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey documented a probable, uncharted shipwreck around the Farallon Islands in 2009. Further investigation, including a two-year study to document historic shipwrecks in and near the sanctuary by NOAA and the Naval History and Heritage Command, confirmed the wreckage as Conestoga, solving the 95-year old mystery.”

Could a HERB be the secret to living to 100? Diet rich in rosemary linked to good health and long life: “Rosemary could be the secret to living to 100 according to researchers investigating 300 centenarians in a remote Italian village. For the herb appears to be commonly used by a group of pensioners who have a most remarkable record of not just living longer but free of heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Teams of medical experts have been given permission for the first time ever to examine the residents of a coastal hamlet called Acciaroli, near the resort of Salerno. Nestled between the sea and the mountains the area has a population of a couple of thousand or so yet among them are at least 300 men and women who are already 100 years old or more. This is a phenomenal ratio compared to, for instance, America where less than one per cent of the population will live that long”

Little girl’s perfect response to primary school test question: “TECHNICALLY, the kid was right but it probably wasn’t the response her teacher was looking for. The primary school girl was asked to unscramble three “sight words” (for those who don’t have children, that means words that don’t sound the way they are spelled) that have been jumbled, with hilarious results. Instead of writing “We have this” the child wrote “we have sh*t”. Thankfully, though the child’s mother had a sense of humour, uploading a photo of her work with the caption: “I too have a daughter going places”. The post quickly went viral, with close to two million views in two days and 188 comments. Some of those comments revealed that adults, too had trouble with the anagram. “Hits? Are they training drug dealers?” asked user Tangybreath”

American geography fail again: “Officials in Rhode Island scrambled to pull a new tourism video, designed to draw visitors to the state, off YouTube in embarrassment on Tuesday after eagle-eyed viewers complained it showed a scene shot in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. The state’s economic development agency, the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, confirmed the goof and blamed an editing company. The state released the video at a meeting on Monday night and posted it online Tuesday for a new campaign. The video’s intro features a skateboarder outside a glass building and has a narrator saying, “Imagine a place that feels like home, but holds enough uniqueness that you’re never bored.” People on social media said: “Hey, that’s not Rhode Island — that’s the Harpa concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavik.” Social media users agreed with him, posting side-by-side photos of the building in the Rhode Island ad and Harpa”

Smartly-dressed British commuter sprints for tram which he has missed by seconds every morning for SIX MONTHS: “A smartly-dressed commuter who has missed his tram by a few seconds every day for the past six months has been caught on camera doing his daily sprint to the station. The mystery commuter has become a running joke in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury, where he’s now known for hurrying down the road at 8:32 every morning, but not making the tram. Tom Henstock, who works near the tram station, has become so taken with the unnamed man that he has videoed his daily anguish. His footage show the worker, dressed in a suit, smart shoes and carrying a briefcase, racing along School Lane towards Didsbury Village Metrolink station. But as the man finally reaches the entrance to the Metrolink station and watches the tram pull away from the platform he is seen to slow his pace to a brisk walk”

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