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Picture taken in English waters




Odd news from around the world

World’s most expensive kebab is prepared at London restaurant where bankers pay £925 for one: “On Tuesday Head chef Onder Sahan unveiled the world’s most expensive kebab at his London restaurant, and says he will pay over £1000 to anyone that can make one better. The chef does not agree with the status of the kebab as a midnight snack, and created the meal to dispel its reputation as a food to be eaten only by drunk people. The indulgent meal is made from the finest Japanese Wagyu beef, fresh morel mushrooms and 25-year-old Italian vinegar. The dish was also made to mark the fourth British Kebab Awards earlier this month. Onder claimed first prize as the country’s best kebab chef. Other ingredients used in his dish include milk-fed lamb and goat minced into a traditional kofta. French Chaumes cheese is also used with courgette flowers, Turkish basil, Jerusalem artichokes and La Vallee des Baux olive oil.

Hotel guest who finds £1,300 under his pillow is OUTRAGED because he says staff didn’t clean his room properly: “Most hotel guests would be happy with a little bit of extra goodies in their rooms but this man in Chongqing, China, was furious when he found 10,000 yuan (£1,291) under his pillow. The man was just about to leave his hotel room on March 28 after spending the night there when he made his discovery, the People’s Daily Online reports. The man named Lu Gang told staff at the Shangdu Hotel that he was unhappy with their level of care as it obviously meant that hotel staff had not cleaned his room properly. Police were called to the hotel where the counted the money which totalled 10,000 yuan (£1,291). They then confiscated the cash. In order not to delay his onward trip, Lu did not wait for the police to find its owner. He was praised by hotel staff and the police for returning the cash”

Furious woman viciously slaps and kicks two teenage girls on the bus when they steal her handbag: “A vigilante bus passenger was filmed as she gave a beating to two teenage girls who had stolen her purse. The incident took place in the city of Virrey del Pino, in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires. The woman had apparently realised whilst on the bus that she had been robbed by the two adolescent girls when her friend told her what they had done. Images captured on a fellow passenger’s phone show her grabbing the hair of one of the girls and repeatedly smacking her on the head and face. The companion of the woman can then be heard shouting: ‘Go for the other one Lea, the other one has it.’ The angry woman then goes for the second girl, in the row in front, also delivering her vicious smacks on her face, this time with her knee. The girl, who is trying to protect her face from the blows, then gives in and hands over the woman’s bag”

Dissatisfied beggar in Russia chucks change back at a driver after she wasn’t given enough money: “This surreal footage shows the moment a seemingly unimpressed beggar handed money back to a driver. In the video, taken in Russia, the elderly beggar wearing a long cloak and leaning on a walking stick walks between cars on a gloomy, grey day. After being refused change from one driver, the woman then shuffles along to the next driver and holds out her hand. She is handed some change from a driver and peers down at the money she has been given. Dissatisfied, the disgruntled beggar then hands the money back – not happy with the amount given. The beggar, leaning on her walking crutch, then approaches the next vehicle after handing the money back”

Save our rock?: “Villagers have vowed to chain themselves to a 11,000-year-old rock after council chiefs said they wanted to remove it on health and safety grounds. Highway bosses said the ancient stone, which lies unlit in the middle of Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, near an unmarked junction, poses a danger to motorists. Residents were left outraged by the suggestion, which was made after a driver demanded £18,000 in compensation after hitting the three-foot rock. Seven people are now threatening to tie themselves to the rock in a bid to stop it being taken. Victor Wright, the parish council chairman, said he thought the decision to remove the stone was ‘health and safety gone mad’. The 65-year-old added: ‘If a motorist can’t see that rock then they shouldn’t be driving. A council spokesman said its investigation of the issue was ongoing”

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