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This may be the funniest Gif I have seen




Odd news from around the world

A real tantrum: “An ex-Victoria’s Secret model allegedly flew into a jealous rage and beat a man she met on Tinder after she discovered he had been sexting other women. Heather Payne, 42, repeatedly punched 40-year-old businessman Colby Kirmse in his $1million East Village, New York, apartment after she discovered the racy messages and pictures, according to court documents. The model-turned-designer then pushed his TV off the stand, launched the remote out of the window and then threw his laptop across the room. The blonde, who has graced the runway for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, was so angry she even forwarded some of the messages to his mother. Kirmse told the New York Post his apartment was destroyed, and admitted being attacked by an ex-model was ‘not one of my highlights’. He was left with a black eye after the incident on July 24. ‘She just destroyed everything in her path like a Tasmanian devil,’ he added”

Goat hanging from a telephone line by its horns as team tries to rescue it: “We have all heard how rescuers have to come to the aid of cats stuck up trees and birds with broken wings, but this operation was a little more complicated. A rescue team needed some long ladders to help a goat which had somehow become stuck on some telephone wire and was hanging around 20 feet above the road in Greece. It was hanging from its curly horns, which had become caught on the wire, and although goats like to climb, no-one is quite sure how it ended up hanging there. First the team pull the ladders out of the van and try to climb up to help the goat, but there is nowhere to rest the end of the ladder. Eventually the men decide to use it to push the distressed animal towards the steep hill that the line is attached to, which is probably how it got there initially. As they pull it down from the telephone line, it quickly runs down the hill and trots off over the road below”

Woman finds glasses inside Cadbury Easter egg: “When Charlotte Garner opened her Cadbury Twirl Easter egg on Sunday, she expected to find chocolate. While there was certainly chocolate, she also found a pair of glasses. Seeing the funny side, Garner posted an image on the Cadbury UK Facebook page informing them someone has lost their glasses. “I’m guessing cadburys didn’t see that one coming,” said one commenter. Another joked: “Cadbury have replied and they say they can’t seem to see the problem.” According to Metro.co.uk, the Twirl Easter Egg was actually for Garner’s four-year-old cousin, bought by her aunt, Sarah Sehmi. “It was hilarious. I could not believe it”, Charlotte told Metro.co.uk. “We were completely taken aback. My four-year-old cousin Ollie opened it and he thought it was a gift.”

Mystery model who posed in her bra, knickers and suspenders in a busy city centre in the middle of a hail storm: “It was the perfect weather for hats and gloves. However, one woman turned heads as she boldly posed in her lingerie during in the middle of a hail storm. The mystery model has now revealed herself to be bridal designer, Rebecca Griffiths, 28 and said she put on the raunchy display to help a friend. And she stunned passers by as they walked past in broad daylight and temperatures so cold that the city was pelted with hailstones. She explained: ‘I was doing a favour for a photographer friend of mine by posing for a lingerie shoot. ‘We started at around 1.30pm and finished at 5pm as it started to rain and it was freezing cold – especially as I wasn’t wearing that much.’ She said she wore two outfits and posed at a number of different locations. ‘A lot of people were stopping and staring, and there were small crowds forming,’ she added.”

When you’ve got to go… Woman caught short in Newcastle City centre relieves herself into the river: “This is the embarrassing moment a woman was caught on camera urinating into a city centre river in broad daylight. With her trousers pulled down to her knees and her bare bottom on show, the unnamed woman was caught shamefully squatting over the railings of Newcastle’s quayside on Easter Sunday. Arijus Dukstas, 20, an events manager who stumbled across the sight close to the Millennium Bridge at around 6pm yesterday, said the young woman ‘really needed to go and just went for it’. She was squatting over the railings in full view of passers-by and her friends. ‘Her friends were just shouting and laughing at her, there was like six of them. Her friend was taking a video. ‘She wasn’t really even that drunk really, she seemed pretty sober”

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