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Odd news from around the world

Affordable invisibility cloaks are coming: “SINCE reading or watching Harry Potter, fans have been waiting for the day they can own their very own invisibility cloak. Well, a physicist at the University of Rochester, New York is getting very close to making that happen. Professor John Howell’s first attempt at the optical illusion, captured on video a year and a half ago, is a setup of four lenses that bend light around viewed objects, making them seem invisible while the viewer still sees a consistent, stable background. Howell’s second go at the project is much bigger: a person, not just an object, can stand behind it and disappear. Reported by Business Insider last week, the latest version of the “Rochester Cloak” uses four mirrors arranged in nested V-shapes instead of lenses. The best part? The mirrored contraption costs less than $200 to make, and all the materials needed can be found at a local hardware store”

In the isolated ghost town of Sostila in Italy just one man remains: “SOSTILA is a tiny mountain hamlet at the feet of Italy’s Alps, isolated and cut-off from civilisation. It’s a bunch of greyish stone dwellings with wooden doors and balconies clustered around an intact church bell tower and quaint school where pupils’ left-behind books are still spread on tables. Streets are winding, crooked rock paths covered in grass. It’s a magical place frozen in time for decades. After years of oblivion it is now inhabited by just one lone man who lives there all by himself in his granny’s old cottage. As opposed to the villagers who ran away, he made the opposite choice by returning to his hometown. The panoramic views, fresh morning Alpine air, pristine green valleys and glistening snow-capped peaks are like a drug to him. After a failed marriage and a career as a doctor, Fausto decided to retire and come live among the ancient walls of his family’s dwelling”

Mother is found 42 years after she vanished: “A 42-YEAR old mystery has been solved in the US after police tracked down a long-missing Indiana mum in Texas, where she had been living under an alias. Ms Lula Gillespie-Miller, now 69, admitted to police that in 1974 she left her family and disappeared. Ms Gillespie-Miller had just given birth to her third child at the age of 28 when she signed her kids over to her parents and left home. Her family never heard from her again other than a letter she sent in 1975, which was post marked from Richmond, Indiana. But thanks to the hard work of one a detective, the missing mum was discovered living in Texas and may speak to her daughter, Tammy Miller, for the first time since she was two. Ms Gillespie-Miller told police this week that she “felt she was too young to be a mother at the time,” NBC News reported.”

Yummy soap: “Never in our right minds would we have thought to intentionally take a bite out of a bar of soap, so you’ve got to feel sorry for thousands of Chinese runners. As a reward for completing the Qingyuan marathon, athletes were given a complimentary gift bag at the end of the course. Inside that bag was a bar of soap — great for washing and cleaning, not so great for eating, as plenty of unlucky souls found out. The soap’s packaging — complete with English words and a picture of grapes — led many people to believe the nice-smelling item was actually an energy bar. How kind of the organisers to help fatigued runners boost their energy levels, they must have thought. As reported by the People’s Daily newspaper, bars of soap with bite marks were left everywhere on streets surrounding the finish line. The fact the soap was a deep purple clearly didn’t deter runners from sinking their teeth into the scented treat”

Nasty British traffic bureaucracy: “A taxi driver has won a fight with his local council after being wrongly accused of parking on double yellow lines, but accused the council of wasting taxpayers’ money on the case. Sajid Rashid, 40, was furious when he saw his car had a ticket on it after he parked near yellow lines. Mr Rashid, from Burton-upon-Trent, appealed the fine from Staffordshire County Council which rejected his pleas. Despite providing the authority with ‘compelling’ evidence he hadn’t parked illegally, he was taken to a Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Mr Rashid then supplied his photographic evidence to the independent adjudicator showing that his tyres were not on the yellow lines. Yesterday the taxi driver said his fine was revoked as soon as the tribunal chairman saw his snaps – bringing an end to the nine-month battle”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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