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Odd news from around the world

A fish that can climb WALLS: “A blind fish discovered in the caves of northern Thailand has given researchers a rare glimpse into evolutionary processes that took place nearly 400 million years ago. Called Cryptotora thamicola, the unusual fish can walk and climb up rocks in a waterfall, moving similarly to a salamander. This cavefish shares some features with early tetrapods, when four-footed animals first moved from water to land during the Devonian Period. While Cryptotora thamicola isn’t the only fish known to leave the water, researchers say it’s unique in its skeletal structure, giving it a salamander-like gait. Cryptotora thamicola walks with a gait known as a ‘diagonal-couplets lateral sequence’. This fish moves by symmetrically alternating its pectoral and pelvic girdles. The pink-coloured cavefish was observed to walk on both rough and smooth wet surfaces toward the direction of flowing water, with its body remaining close to the ground.”

The wrong tornado-damaged Texas home was torn down after a potential glitch in Google Maps sent a bumbling demolition team to the wrong address: “When Lindsay Diaz and Alan Cutter’s duplex was hit by the storms, they were left needing some repairs to make it a home again. But the pair are now without a place to live altogether, after a demolition company mistakenly tore their Rowlett property down. The pair, who are neighbors, were waiting on whether FEMA would give them insurance money to fix the damage. However the crews came in and removed their home at 7601 and 7603 Calypso Drive. They were supposed to take down 7601 Cousteau Drive – which is one block away. Billy L. Nabors Demolition, the firm behind the work, did not comment on what happened. But one of the employees reportedly used Google Maps to share the location of the duplex. When both of the addresses are entered into the app, the same house is highlighted, possibly leading to the confusion”

NC Man Arrested for Not Returning Rental VHS Tape 14 Years Ago: “A North Carolina man says he was arrested for not returning a video cassette tape he rented 14 years ago. James Meyers Jr., a single dad from Concord, said he was driving his 10-year-old daughter to school at around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday when police pulled him over for a broken brake light. Meyers gave the police officers his driver’s license and was shocked when they said there was a warrant out for his arrest for not returning a VHS rental, “Freddy Got Fingered,” from 2002, he said. “Because I had my daughter in the car and we were on the way to school they said that I could take my daughter to school and go to work and then find a babysitter, and then come into the police and turn myself in.” He did so, and was processed at the Concord Police Department on a charge of “failure to return hired property” before being transferred to Cabarrus County Jail, where he was released on a written promise. Meyers rented the VHS from J&J Video in Salisbury, North Carolina, according to police. “The store has been closed for about 10 years now, if I’m not mistaken,” he said.

The human torch! Science teacher’s cool experiment sees fireball erupt in student’s hands: “One American teacher is going to extreme lengths to make sure his science classes keep students on their toes – by setting them on fire. A pupil helps his chemistry teacher with a demonstration. But the youngster clearly gets more than he bargained for when his teacher creates a huge fireball in his hands. The teacher uses methane-filled soap bubbles to light the fire in the teenager’s hands, much to the amusement of his classmates who can clearly be heard egging him on. He tells his class: ‘I’ll put the bubbles all along his arm, we’ll set his whole arm on fire,’ which is met by delighted cheers from the youngsters. They then cheer and clap as the teacher launches a countdown before nonchalantly creating a fireball in the student’s hand – but it is of course all done in a safe and controlled environment.

Retired policeman, 58, stumbled across £90,000 worth of cannabis while on holiday: “A retired policeman was left baffled when he stumbled across a suitcase on a Fuerteventura beach containing £90,000-worth of cannabis resin. Richard Cresswell, 58, rushed back to get his friend Blair Jones to help him open a mysterious case he found among washed-up debris and was shocked to find wrapped slabs of cannabis. The pair took the 25.7-kilo haul to the police station but after finding that there was no-one on duty, they took it back to their hotel for the night. The retired policeman said he knew what was in the plastic packages as soon as the smell hit him. ‘It’s actually quite a nice smell – I don’t smoke, but if it was legal I’d use it as pot pourri’ he said. ‘It took us some time to get through all the layers – we were going quite carefully as we had no idea what was inside, it could’ve been explosives. ‘I’d certainly never come across a drugs find that big during my career as a police officer.'”

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