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Odd news from around the world

Woman shocked to see DUCT TAPE holding together the Air New Zealand plane she is travelling on: “A young mother with a fear of flying was left shocked after she noticed part of the airplane she was travelling on was held together by sticky tape. Jessica Baker was flying with Air New Zealand from Nelson to Christchurch and was already nervous before lift off because her baby son was travelling with her. The mother posted photos of the tape, which was holding together part of the engine panel on the wing of the aircraft, on social media on Sunday with the caption ‘Kiwi ingenuity at its finest’. ‘I’m not a good flyer so it made me incredibly nervous seeing that,’ Ms Barker said. Air New Zealand spokeswoman Emma Field has said the tape is specialist aviation speed tape and an approved material used for airplane maintenance. The tape is generally made from aluminium and is used for temporary coverage of non-structural elements of the craft”

Argentinian model Vicky Xipolitakis reveals she’s ‘only loved ugly men’ – just moments after her politician fiance announces their engagement: “Controversial South American glamour model Vicky Xipolitakis has given hope to men who aren’t classically handsome everywhere – by saying she prefers dating ugly men. The 30-year-old model from Argentina is once again dominating tabloid headlines in her native country after admitting that she’s only ever loved men who aren’t good looking. Spare a thought for her fiance though; Xipolitakis made the announcement just moments after her boyfriend, politician Jose Ottavis, told a television host that they were to wed. Ottavis is vice president of the Chamber of Deputies for Buenos Aires and has been frequently teased about his height – he’s much smaller than his 5ft 7.5in fiance – since the couple announced that they were dating several years ago.”

Dazzling 15.99 carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring expected to fetch $15 MILLION at auction next month: “A one-of-a-kind Burmese ruby and diamond ring is set to fetch up to $15 million when in goes up for auction in New York next month. The gem, called the Jubilee Ruby, is one of more than 250 beautiful jewels which are all set to be sold at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction on April 20. In addition to the centerpiece of the auction, the ruby, other items up for offer include rare diamonds and other jewels from the likes of Cartier, Graff, David Webb, Harry Winston, Buccellati and more. The 15.99 carat Jubilee Ruby in the most important Burmese ruby to be auctioned in the United States for over two decades, with the last being a 16.20 carat Burmese gem sold by Christie’s in October 1990. The stone is set in a gold and diamond Verdura mounting and is described as ‘a rarity in its exceptional size, color and quality'”

An artist paints optical illusions in the palm of his hand: “The holes, swimming pools, butterflies and other seemingly three-dimensional objects Jordan Molina paints in his hand look amazingly real. Even when he demonstrates how it’s done by showing the design process, the viewer’s eye is tricked into believing Molina really is holding a terrifying spider, or that his palm has a flesh wound in it that can be closed with a zipper. Molina, a French artist also known as TutoDraw, specialises in hyperrealism and believes that everyone can learn how to draw properly – it just takes passion. Revealing some top tips for those who wish to attempt to emulate his style, he said: ‘My trick is observing and understanding the construction of a drawing. ‘I myself improved by practicing on paper, but the internet and digital drawing helped me massively, especially drawing on a graphics tablet.'”

The avocado STONE is good for you: “But after slicing into an avocado, most people toss away the solid seed in its middle – assuming it is has no nutritional value. Yet, a new viral video claims an avocado seed is actually the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit. New York City nutritionist Amy Shapiro, of Real Nutrition NYC, told Daily Mail Online that avocado seeds are, indeed, packed full of antioxidants and fiber. She explained that the seeds can be blended down into a powder, and added to a smoothie or yogurt for an extra nutritional kick. The seed is removed as normal, but then dehydrated in the oven, cut into small pieces and blended into a fine powder.”

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