There are holes and then there are real holes

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Odd news from around the world

Do you have super-vision? Up to half of women may be able to see an amazing enhanced rainbow – but most don’t even know it: “When most of us look at a daisy, we just see white and yellow, but an artist named Concetta Antico sees a veritable rainbow of colours in the flower. As what’s known as a tetrachromat, she can discern 100 times more hues than the average person thanks to extra receptors in her eyes to absorb colourful light. The average person can see approximately one million colours, whereas tetrachromats have an extra cone class in their eyes for colour vision that dramatically increases their range up to a potential 99 million. While only a handful of human tetrachromats have been identified, one estimate claims the genetic mutation could affect up to 47 per cent of women of European descent. Lots of animals are tetrachromats, including birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

Woman whose husband accidentally threw away £300K wedding ring sifts through 7 tonnes of rubbish to find it: “A woman was so distraught when she discovered her husband had accidentally thrown her £300,000 wedding ring in the rubbish bin she searched through more than seven tonnes of waste to get it back. The couple then ran down to the municipal dump and started to search through the waste. After a few prayers and phone calls the Squitieris realised her rings were in the rubbish which had just been picked up so wouldn’t have reached the dump yet. Minutes before they hit the landfill, Meridian Waste diverted their truck to a transfer station and the dig was on. Joe Evans of Meridian Waste ended up finding the rings nestling in a bag with the couple’s other rubbish”

Boneheaded British bureaucracy again: “A girl of five’s outraged parents have hit out after she was accused of being too fat by NHS children’s chiefs. Alex Jackson and his wife Hannah reacted furiously after they got a shock letter warning their daughter Harriet was ‘overweight’. The bombshell dropped after the sporty youngster had her weight and height measured in her reception class at Little Melton Primary School, Norwich, last month. The letter from the NHS Norfolk Children and Young People’s Services said hyper-active Harriet was 3ft 9ins tall and weighed 3st 9lbs. ‘These results suggest that your child is overweight for their age, sex and height,’ warned the NHS. ‘If your child is overweight now they are more likely to be overweight as an adult. ‘This can lead to health problems.’ Mr Jackson, of Costessey, Norwich, insisted: ‘My daughter is slim and very happy. She’s bubbly and vivacious and it’s quite ridiculous that we got this letter.’

How you can tell if your cat is left or right handed: “Nearly all of us have a dominant hand we use to carry out our daily tasks. But did you know that just like humans cats also use a preferred paw? For a video test dry food is placed in a glass, and then all the owner has to do is sit and watch which paw is withdrawn first to grab the tasty treat. But Max le Fou raised his concerns: ‘Tried with our cats, it doesn’t work. they both wait for us to feed them ourselves. Not sure if they’re too dumb or too smart…’ Only around 10 per cent of people in the world are left handed, but a study at Turkey’s Ataturk University in 1991 found this may rise as high as 40 per cent in cats.

Man who failed to return home from a trail ride is found dead in a forest – with his dog keeping watch by his side: “The search for a missing cyclist and his dog has come to a tragic end. Peter Jacobson, 42, left his Brisbane home to go for a trail ride at 5.30 on Friday afternoon. Police were called when he and his dog Rocky failed to return that night. By Saturday afternoon Mr Jacobson’s body had been found in the Toohey State Forest. His beloved Staffordshire terrier was sitting with him and was unharmed. Police believe Mr Jacobson was involved in a cycling accident while riding through the forest.

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