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Odd news from around the world

Diners are left outraged after a waiter’s VERY rude nickname for them is printed on the receipt: “A woman having a romantic dinner was shocked to find the waiter had called her a rude name on the receipt. Victoria Whittle, from Manchester, was eating out with partner Mike Shawcross at The Silverton Hotel in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, when she got the nasty surprise. But Victoria was appalled to find under the guest name on the receipt, which she posted on Twitter, the waiter had called her and her partner ‘Shaw****rs.’ Victoria also posted the receipt on Facebook and claimed the hotel had argued it was a ‘spelling mistake.’ She posted: ‘Yes, I misspell Shawcross like this all the time.’ The hotel later went on to apologise for the mistake on Facebook” [“Wanker” is equivalent to the American “jerk”]

World’s longest anaconda is discovered in Amazon jungle: 17 FT long: “A new BBC documentary uncovers the ‘world’s longest snake’ which is more than 17 feet long and lives deep in the Amazon jungle. Gordon Buchanan presents the three-part series called Tribes, Predators and Me, which first airs on BBC Two at 9pm on Sunday. His and the tribe’s greatest challenge in the episode is to catch and release a giant anaconda. The anaconda is the Amazon’s most dangerous animal, a proven man-eater, but one the Waorani believe gives them great spiritual power. There is also a scientific reason for the capture as the Waorani are losing their land to oil exploration – with scientists testing anacondas for the effects of oil pollution. For the men of this tribe, capturing and releasing large anacondas unharmed is a demonstration of their bravery”

This coin is worth $13 million: The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar: “AT FIRST glance it may appear to be just an average coin, but you’re actually looking at something really special. This is the “Amon Carter” Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, and it’s the most valuable coin on the planet. The record-breaking US dollar, which has just gone on display in London, was bought by American businessman Bruce Morelan back in 2013 for a staggering $13 million. So why the extreme price tag? It’s down to a combination of its rarity, condition and cultural value. It’s believed to be the first dollar ever to be struck, produced at the Philadelphia mint on a hand turned screw press on October 15, 1794. That would mean President George Washington would have inspected it. One of 1758 made that day, and just 130 are believed to have survived to this day. “We think it was the first or among the first dollars struck because of the quality of the definition of the coin,” James Deeny, managing director at the London Mint Office, which is exhibiting the coin, told the BBC”

Scores of clocks found inside abandoned house in Sydney beachside suburb: “AN abandoned home in Warriewood sold this week with all its contents intact — including more than 100 clocks. The three-bedroom house had been the home of mechanic and keen clock collector the late Jack Stuckey. It was full of furniture and there was food in the cupboards, clothes in the wardrobes and bottles of spirits in the bar. Mr Stuckey had died and his partner Mrs Betty Almaide moved interstate to be with her son. “It looked as if the owners had just got up after breakfast and gone for a walk,” Mr Matterson said. The new owner of the dated home is local builder Mark Bennett who is looking for a buyer for all the clocks”

America’s saddest granddad: “A heartbreaking image of a loving grandfather has left the internet in floods of tears, after his granddaughter revealed her ‘Papaw’ had cooked up a feast for all six of his grandchildren, only for all but one to reject his dinner invitation. The image, which was shared by Oklahoma-based college student Kelsey Harmon, sees her grandfather sitting at a table decorated with a tartan tablecloth, looking down at his burger – which was one of 12 he had made that night in anticipation of spending the evening with his family. But, as Kelsey, who studies at Northeastern State University, revealed in her tweet, her Papaw was left devastated when she was the only one of the six grandkids to turn up to his dinner. Since the college softball player shared the picture on her account, it has prompted an incredible outpouring of support – and emotion – from other social media users around the world”

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