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Odd news from around the world

Gang of beggars are earning up to £43,000 a YEAR each despite not even being homeless: “A group of beggars are earning up to £43,000 a year each – despite not actually being homeless, a police chief has warned. Officers have identified a group of 13 vagrants who are netting up to £120 a day from kind-hearted locals in Gloucester and Stroud. But Gloucestershire Police say most of them aren’t homeless and some are simply blowing the cash on booze. Local bobbies are now targeting the cheats and homeless charities have asked locals to buy food or a hot drink for the homeless instead of giving cash. ‘Begging is an offence under the Vagrancy Act 1824. Most of the individuals who target the public in this way are known to us and, although a number are homeless, most, in fact, don’t live on the streets but have some form of accommodation. Local business owners said people are put off coming to the area because beggars pester them for money. ‘They cause a lot of trouble. We have had to call the police a few times because they were fighting with each other”

Massive sinkhole 30ft wide and 10ft deep appears in street overnight: “A group of homeowners were forced to evacuate their homes after a massive sinkhole appeared in their street overnight. The enormous hole suddenly developed just yards from the front doors of three detached properties in Plains, Lanarkshire. The crater covers a large section of road and is estimated to be 30ft wide and 10ft deep. As a result, residents have been told to stay away from their £130,000 properties until work is carried out to assess and fix the damage. Although the reason behind the hole is currently unknown, locals have speculated that a former mineshaft may have collapsed following heavy rains. John Lowe, 60, a former resident in the street, said issues with water had been raised before. He said: ‘When I stayed in the middle house I spent three years complaining about the water coming out the ground. ‘The council did nothing about it

Bungling British cops again: “A mother who handed in a lost mobile phone to police was horrified when she was wrongly identified as a suspected thief. Lynn Woodgate took the phone to her local police station after finding it in a Post Office in Plymouth last month. But after the owner reported it missing, officers released a CCTV image of Ms Woodgate as a potential thief. The 47-year-old was then interviewed as a suspect when she tried to tell them the phone was already in their lost property box. Ms Woodgate said: ‘I’ve never stolen a penny sweet in my life and I’ve taught my boys the same.’ ‘The officer at the station apologised to me and they were sorry there was a mix up but it was quite frightening to be interviewed in one of their rooms.’ ‘The police officer thought it was quite humorous but I thought firstly they made me look like a criminal in the paper and secondly I needed to clear my name.'”

Forget fingerprints, FOOTPRINTS can help identify bodies: “The patterns of skin on your feet are as unique as your fingerprint, and now forensic experts in Japan want to use feet as a new way to identify bodies. Former members of Tokyo’s metropolitan police department (MPD) came up with the idea after the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. The technique uses scans of feet, stored in a database, to quickly identify people with dementia who go missing as well as bodies after natural disasters. They could also be used to convict criminals. ‘It takes time and money to conduct DNA analysis and you can’t always obtain fingerprints,’ Hideo Kaneko, former member of the MPD’s crime scene investigation division told Kyodo News. Ridge patterns are usually taken from an area right under the toes. In many cases, particularly disasters in which other parts of the body could be damaged, ridge patterns can be preserved because the area is protected by shoes.”

Stupid dog: “A veterinarian helped save the life of an ailing New Mexico dog after discovering the source of the pup’s pain — a 6-inch long, 2-inch wide stuffed polar bear. Santa Fe Animal Humane officials told KRQE-TV in Albuquerque that the bear was discovered in Honey’s stomach during surgery. Honey is now expected to survive. The shelter said ‘she’s going to be just fine!'”

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