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Odd news from around the world

Chinese woman shares pictures of her VERY youthful looking 47-year-old parents who she says are mistaken for her boyfriend and sister all the time: “A Chinese family has taken the internet by storm for having an ageless appearance after pictures of them were shared online. The father is reportedly often mistaken as her boyfriend, while people think of her mother as her older sister. Pictures of their recent outing on a sunny day in Chengdu show the youthful looking parents together with their daughter. Her parents look so young that her father is reportedly often mistaken as her boyfriend, while people think of her mother as her older sister. Thousands of people have commented on their appearance on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Weibo. While many complimented the family on their appearance, others questioned whether they had work done or if the images had been altered. She added: ‘My family hasn’t had plastic surgery. I deleted my post and hope that people wouldn’t speculate about my family with malice.’

Mysterious ‘fairy circles’ appear in Australia: Bizarre barren patches only seen before in Namibia are found in the outback: “Some local legends claim they are created by the footsteps of the gods, while there are others who believe they are marks left by visiting UFOs. But now the mysterious ‘fairy circles’ that pockmark the grassy Namib desert in Namibia have sprung up in another part of the world thousands of miles away. Scientists have discovered the circular, barren patches of land in a remote uninhabited part of the Australian outback. Hundreds of the circles, which are around 13ft (4 metres) across but can be up to 22ft (7 metres), are spread across the barren landscape. The mystery of how they got there, or why they stay there, has stumped scientists for decades. Grasses of the Triodia genus are usually found growing around fairy circles and are often associated with strange patterns like stripes, labyrinths and spots during droughts.

Argentina Sinks Chinese Ship: “Argentina’s coast guard has sunk a Chinese trawler that was fishing illegally within its territorial waters, the coast guard said on Tuesday. The Chinese vessel was found in a restricted area and attempted a collision maneuver, according to authorities. The sinking comes as China expands its long-distance fishing fleet to meet surging demand for seafood, with Beijing’s foreign ministry expressing “serious concern” over the incident. The coast guard said the Lu Yan Yuan Yu 010 was fishing without permission off Puerto Madryn, 1,300 kilometres(800 miles) south of Buenos Aires on Tuesday, inside Argentina’s exclusive economic zone. The ship refused requests in Spanish and English to be boarded, turning off its lights and attempting to flee towards international waters, the statement added. Four crew members aboard the sinking ship — including the captain — were rescued by the Argentinian coast guard while the rest of the 28-member crew was picked up by nearby Chinese fishing vessels, officials said.

New super-hot BBQ cooks faster: “It can rustle up everything a barbecue can – without the endless wait for the charcoal to heat up. But as well as sausages, hamburgers and kebabs, this portable oven can also cook a stone-baked pizza. And in less time than it takes to make toast. The British makers, who have been working on the design for three years, say the Roccbox, as it is called, will remove all the frustrations of the traditional barbecue. It is ready to use in just 15 minutes and can bake a crisp 12-inch pizza in 90 seconds, as well as roasting meat, fish and vegetables, and even baking crusty bread. It blazes to a fiery 500C (932F) in just 15 minutes fuelled by either wood or gas, and is thought to cut cooking time by up to a third. Eggs should take a minute or two, and sausages and steaks about five minutes. The oven burns through a small bag of kindling every hour or so and its gas burner uses normal propane or patio gas bottles. A burner at the back of the oven creates a flame which rolls across the top, cooking the surface of the food.”

Extraordinary wedding photographs from an Ultra Orthodox Jewish wedding in Israel: “The wedding, between the grandson of the Rabbi of the Tzanz Hasidic dynasty and the granddaughter of the religious leader of the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Hasidic dynasty, in the central Israeli city of Netanya involved a guest list of thousands, with people lining the streets to welcome the bride. Inside, a floor-to-ceiling gauze curtain separated men from women and male well-wishers dressed all in black wore the traditional shtreimel hats. The bride was completely covered in a decadent lace and pearl embroidered dress, which included a full-face veil, to enter the men’s section of the hall where a key element of the traditional wedding was carried out. As other women watched from behind the gauze curtain, the bride took part in the Mitvah tantz ritual – where members of the family and honoured rabbis danced in front of her and then with the groom”

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