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Odd news from around the world

Non-smoking mother forced by bailiffs to pay a £650 fine for dropping a cigarette butt in a town she’s never visited: “A mother-of-two was handed a £650 fine for dropping a cigarette butt in the street – even though she doesn’t smoke and lives 180 miles away from the town where the alleged offence occurred. Emma Caresimo, 40, from Magor in South Wales, was shocked when a bailiff arrived at her door and threatened to take her car over an alleged unpaid fine for dropping a cigarette in Wigan, Lancashire. Despite insisting she was a victim of ‘mistaken identity’, Mrs Caresimo says she was forced to hand over £650 to stop the bailiffs from seizing her car. Mrs Caresimo has since phoned Wigan Council who issued the fine and been told the action was down to an administrative error – but she says has not yet seen the £650 reimbursed.”

Is this the worst thief ever? The bizarre moment a burglar raids office before curling up on the floor and falling ASLEEP: “Bizarre footage from China has shown the moment a thief hid inside an office building to rob the place at night, only to fall asleep shortly after completing the crime. The snoozing burglar was spotted the next morning by the building’s security guards, who quickly had him arrested. Surveillance footage from Shanghai in East China shows the burglar, identified by his surname Zuo, walking through the main entrance of the high-rise office building at around 6:40pm one evening. Zuo went on to take a lift to the 8th floor, where he hid in a fire passage until 10pm in order to avoid security guards patrolling the premises. After guards turned off all the lights and locked the doors, Zuo started his thieving operation, going from office to office stealing laptops and mobile phones, as well as a handbag.

Passenger who fell asleep in the back of a bus and ended up stuck in the depot managed to escape by stealing another empty bus: “A passenger who found himself stuck in a bus depot after falling asleep during his journey escaped by stealing another vehicle. eater Manchester Police are appealing for information after CCTV captured the man climbing in to the empty bus at a depot in Stalybridge and driving it off before crashing into a building. fled the scene on foot and has not been traced since the incident in December.

Deadly brown snake struggles to break free from the sticky trap set by a giant red back spider: “A battle between two of Australia’s most venomous creatures has unfolded in a woman’s backyard shed, and ended in an unlikely outcome. West Australian mother-of-three Jamii-Leigh Marwick said her son Eamon found a deadly eastern brown snake caught in the web of a dangerous red back spider on Sunday. Footage shows the juvenile snake – one of the most venomous in Australia – whipping back and forth as it tried to free itself from the strong web of its opponent. Ms Marwick said in the end while she was trying to rescue the reptile, before she realised how dangerous it was, she actually killed it. ‘In my attempt to save him… I accidentally dropped a jar on the poor bloke and he didn’t survive,’ she wrote online.

Smart kid: “Jacinta Rees, 10, wowed the audience and panel of science experts during ABC’s QandA on Monday night by reciting Pi to 88 decimal points. Jacinta began learning to recite the decimal points of Pi when she was six-years-old, when she began learning the cello. She later picked up the oboe, sings with the Sydney Children’s Choir, and plays netball. She plans on either being an architect or teacher when she grows up. ‘My mum’s a teacher and my dad’s a scientist,’ Jacinta told Daily Mail Australia. The year five student started at Balmain Public School this year, having moved from Leichhardt Public School to attend the Opportunity Class.”

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