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Odd news from around the world

‘It’s raining fish!’: “It wasn’t raining cats and dogs in Outback Queensland this week, but it does seem to have been raining fish. Drought-stricken Winton saw some much needed rain, and with it some fishy friends, far from any waterholes. Following heavy downfall on Thursday, Tahnee Oakhill captured video footage of her family finding small fish at their remote cattle station 70 kilometres northwest of Winton in Queensland. ‘We spotted them just laying in the dirt and flip-flopping.’ ‘We reckon they must have come from the sky. There are no creeks or no gullies around.’ Ms Oakhill said the local consensus was the minute fish were perch. ‘The kids got a good little catch today- 5 or so. It was pretty surreal watching them walk around on a once droughted property in the guts of the Qld bush and scoop living fish out of mud puddles on the dirt road,’ she posted to Facebook.

Michigan town called Hell that no one wants to buy: “The town of Hell, Michigan has been on the market for a year, after it’s unofficial mayor John Colone listed the five acre property for $999,666. Included in the sale are merchandise rights and a number of themed-businesses Colone has started to bring tourists to the town, including Hell’s Chapel of Love and Screams Putt-Putt Golf Course. ‘Come out and visit us…so the next time someone tells you to “Go to Hell”, you can tell them you’ve already been there and had a Hell of a good time!’ the town’s official website reads. The chapel may not have Elvis impersonators but it does offer zombie-themed weddings and photos to last a lifetime in front of the ‘Gates of Hell’. And visitors who never got to lock their love in Paris can take a short trip to Hell instead, before throwing away the key in Hell Creek River”

Shocking photos show plane left with huge hole in nose cone after bird strike on landing at Heathrow Airport: “The Egyptair Boeing 737-800 was on approach to the runway in London when it was hit by a bird on the nose of the aircraft. The plane had flown out from Cairo, Egypt on Friday, and had 71 passengers on board. As well as blood smeared over the front of the plane, the radome cone was penetrated leaving a huge hole, with feathers clearly visible. The Aviation Herald reports that the aircraft was unable to depart for its return flight MS-780 and was grounded for 21 hours while it was repaired. It was then flown back to Cairo, but has not returned to commercial service.

Woman left horrified after leaving ‘personal item’ in the back of a taxi: “A WOMAN was left feeling flustered after accidentally leaving a sex toy in the back of a taxi. The driver, who works for taxi app Lyft, got a bit of a shock when he glanced into the back of his cab. Needing to break the embarrassing mistake gently, he decided to send the passenger a polite series of awkward text messages. He notifies the woman: “Hey this is the driver of the Lyft you were just in, I think you might have left something in my car.” When he clarifies that a “personal item” has been left behind, the passenger insists that she’s “not missing anything”. Instead of trying to explain, the driver sent the woman a quick snap of the ‘personal item’. After realising the cringey blunder, the red-faced woman replies: “Omg I’m so embarrassed!!!”

Young Korean guy finally works out how to beat Google’s computer in “Go” game: “A South Korean Go grandmaster has scored his first win over a Google-developed supercomputer, in a surprise victory after three defeats in a high-profile showdown between man and machine. Lee Se-Dol thrashed AlphaGo after a nail-biting match that lasted for nearly five hours — the fourth of the best-of-five series in which the computer clinched a 3-0 victory on Saturday. Mr Lee struggled in the early phase of the fourth match, but gained a lead towards the end, eventually prompting AlphaGo to resign. The 33-year-old is one of the greatest players in modern history of the ancient board game in modern history, with 18 international titles to his name — the second most in the world. Go, played for centuries mostly in East Asia, had long remained the holy grail for AI developers due to its complexity and near-infinite number of potential configurations. Mr Lee said its weaknesses included a difficulty in responding to certain unexpected plays by an opponent, which led to more mistakes.”

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