How the Hungarians are stopping Muslims from crossing the border into their country

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Odd news from around the world

Dog thrown alive into a TAR PIT and left for dead is pulled to safety and makes a miracle recovery: “A dog that had been thrown alive into a pit of sticky tarmac and had been left for dead has made a miracle recovery. Father and son Jhonny Alquinta and his son Jhonny Alquinta Carrizo had been driving around the city of Antofagasta in Chile when they noticed the pit of asphalt. The pair then noticed something moving inside the tarmac and went to take a closer look. And when they got closer, they saw with horror that it was a dog who was desperately trying to lift its head out of the sticky substance. The father and son then quickly pulled the dog from the pit before it could sink any further. It was then taken to a vet where it was cleaned off and given medical treatment. The vet added: ‘We managed to get the asphalt out of most of her fur. ‘She has been eating and drinking and is slowly getting better. Now we will do a blood-test to see if her organs have been affected

Man sues workers club for failing to provide gluten-free GRAVY with his $1 Christmas dinner: “A man has tried to sue a workers club for not providing gluten-free gravy with a gluten-free roast he pre-ordered for a Christmas party in December 2013. Bruce Skeen had paid $1 to attend the event at Blacktown Workers Club in western Sydney. He had pre-ordered a gluten-free dinner and dessert but when he received it the gluten-free gravy was missing, according to Federal Circuit Court documents. The workers club was unable to find any gluten-free gravy on the night of the event and Mr Skeen reportedly became ‘angry and disruptive’ when he was unable to have gravy. He took the matter to the Federal Circuit Court, claiming the club had discriminated against him. In February Judge Sylvia Emmett described Mr Skeen’s claims as ‘frivolous’, which led to the case being thrown out.”

Facebook User Solves The Mystery Of The ‘Ancient Relic’ Found In An Israeli Cemetery: “Earlier this year, a maintenance worker found a golden scepter in a Jerusalem cemetery. Antiquity experts were stumped, prompting a six-month long investigation into its origin. Antiquities experts at the IAA figured that the 8kg (8 kg), 24-carat gold scepter may have been used in biblical Jewish temples, but they weren’t entirely sure. Stumped, they decided to post photos on Facebook asking the public for help. Turns out it’s not an ancient relic at all, but rather a New Age energy “healing device” called a Weber Isis Beamer. The object, which ranges in price from USD$75 to USD$1,220 depending on the model, is supposed to create a “harmonized” protective field against “electromagnetic and geopathic radiation.”

One in five children don’t know that fruit grows on TREES: “One in five schoolkids are not aware of where fresh food comes from, and less than half know how to boil an egg, a new survey has revealed. A quarter of Australian kids do not eat family dinners regularly, while one in four were not aware that butter comes from cows milk. Research from the Medibank and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation also revealed two-thirds of parents said their children couldn’t bake a potato, and even less could boil an egg. More than 1000 kids were surveyed, and of those kids two thirds preferred processed food to fresh food, according to their parents.

Increases in income do NOT make people more satisfied with their life: “Researchers tracked 18,000 adults over a nine-year period in the UK and Germany, asking them annually about their income level and how satisfied they were with life. They found that people with higher salaries were no more likely to have a high life satisfaction than those who didn’t. ‘What really matters is when income is lost and this is only important for people who are highly conscientious.’ ‘There are other ways other than focusing on income increases that contribute more meaningfully to our life satisfaction – for example time with friends and family, looking after our mental and physical health, and obtaining a greater understanding of ourselves and trying to develop and grow. ‘Unfortunately these are the things that get sacrificed in the pursuit of higher incomes.'”

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