The wisdom of the past

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Odd news from around the world

Prostate cancer kept at bay by aspirin: “Aspirin is already taken by millions with heart disease, but now it seems it may also protect men with heart trouble from prostate cancer. A study of more than 13,000 cardiac patients showed that men taking aspirin had substantially lower levels of prostate cancer than those who did not take it. Overall, they were 36 per cent less likely to get the disease – and among those who had been taking aspirin regularly for five or more years, the likelihood of the disease dropped by an astonishing 57 per cent. A spokesman for the Italian team that carried out the study said: ‘Our findings indicate that low-dose aspirin might be associated with a reduction of risk of prostate cancer in patients with cardio or cerebrovascular [stroke causing] diseases”

The man who was sucked into a nuclear power plant’s sea intake – and LIVED!: “A scuba diver has recounted the heart-stopping moment he was sucked into a nuclear power station after getting too close to a water pipe used to cool the plant. Cun said he was out diving with his friend Robert Blake when the pair decided to check out some structures below the surface – which turned out to be giant water intakes for the plant. Before he could react, Cun was sucked into one of the structures which turned out to be 16ft-wide intake pipes, capable of draining 500,000 gallons of water per minute into massive pools used to cool the plant’s reactors. Cun eventually emerged inside one of the holding reservoirs inside the power plant, climbed out, and asked stunned workers for a phone to call his wife and tell her he was alive

The Australian Queen Garnet plum is being touted as a superfood: “The Australian Queen Garnet is packed with high levels of anthocyanins, which mop up harmful molecules, and help protect the body from heart and blood disease. Testing on rats has shown a range of health benefits and high interest in the fruit could prove a goldmine for a Queensland company. A study published by the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) in 2014 showed fat rats benefited from the plums. Scientists fed the rates a high carbohydrate, high fat diet until they were obese. When they were given Queen Garnet juice, they showed reduced blood pressure, fat deposits, heart muscle stiffness and body weight” Researchers at the University of Wollongong are now testing Queen Garnet juice on blood pressure and memory in the hope it can help treat dementia.”

Jinxed Rolex: “Colin Brice, 38, has put his Rolex up for sale on eBay with an entertaining advert warning potential buyers about the bad luck he suffers whenever he places the ‘evil instrument of horology’ on his wrist. The accountant from Wisbech, outside Peterborough, said within months of buying the timepiece he lost his BMW, his business and almost his life in a head-on collision which left him with serious injuries. ‘I hope that its curse ends with me and it brings its next owner nothing but smiles, happiness and marshmallows….but YOU HAVE BEEN PROPERLY WARNED.’ Mr Brice initially bought the classic black-face watch for £1,500 in April last year – but was left unable to walk two months later after being involved in a car crash on A52 near Nottingham.”

‘Ghostlike’ octopus found in Pacific: “An underwater research craft has spotted a “ghostlike” octopus that appears to belong to a previously unknown species on the ocean floor near Hawaii, a discovery that highlights how little is known about the deep sea, a US zoologist says. The milky white creature, nicknamed “Casper the Friendly Ghost” by Twitter users, was caught on cameras mounted on the craft as it explored the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 4290 metres, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said. Describing the animal as an incirrate octopod, one of two main groupings of octopods, NOAA said it was the first time an incirrate was spotted so deep in the ocean. “This animal was particularly unusual because it lacked the pigment cells, called chromatophores, typical of most cephalopods, and it did not seem very muscular”

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