What are 10 good reasons to go live in China?

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A Chinese writer says:

1. It has probably the best cuisine in the world. You’ll find authentic Chinese food is nothing like the Chinese take-aways that you pay for 5 dollars and think it’s all it’s worth.

2. Most things are getting better, people stay hopeful. China is still on the track of rapid development, hence notable and continuous improvement of living standard. You’ll find life in generally is going towards a better version of itself day by day.

3. Business opportunities are everywhere. As China is still in transition, there are lots of demands need to be met, that allows extensive businesses to thrive. Also, the huge market itself is a generator of wealth and opportunities.

4. It is amazingly diverse and extensive in culture and geography. China would be one of the only few countries that possess so diverse landscape and cultures. It is a paradise if you are a true traveller.

5. It brings you into a neighborhood of popular destinations in the world. China situates in the middle of Russia, Japan, Korea, SEA, Middle Asia, South Asia, and have reasonably convenience access to these areas if you’d like to visit from here.

6. It has great historical legacy in terms of oriental philosophy. It is brilliant and benefiting so long as you are into it. Picture the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Terra Cotta Warriors…

7. Very good public safety. The major Chinese cities are the few big cities in the world where you can walk alone on the streets at midnight and not worrying too much about robbery, murder or rape. Expats are safer in this sense.

8. People are generally nice and helpful to expats, more so to Caucasians. But if you’re not, you can make it up by learning and speaking Chinese, it helps you win favors from locals pretty easily.

9. Shopping is easy. Not necessarily always cheap, but very easy. China has the most shopping malls in the world and the largest online shopping platforms that make your shopping experience efficient.

10. Just a different way of life. No other country in the world can offer you a lifestyle that China offers. It’ll be very unique experience.

From a Westerner who has lived in China for many years

1. It is a beautiful, fascinating and thoroughly engaging place.

2. Once people feel they know you they will do anything to help you.

3. The food is to die for, almost everywhere.

4. There is a rich history and culture which could keep you engaged for ten lifetimes.

5. There are wonderful new cities everywhere with thousands of entrepreneurs trying to entertain you, feed you, or sell you something new.

6. The gardens are designed with brilliant artistry and unbelievable horticultural technology. Urban roads are lined with hedges, trees, shrubs and plants.

7. Driving inter-city in China is a dream with superb high speed infrastructure albeit there is something new to confuse your GPS every day.

8. The intercity train service is the fastest, cleanest, and most comfortable in the world.

9. There are so many jobs for foreigners in education, catering, creative industries, and small business.

10. The young people are modern, intelligent, smart, up to date and a lot of fun.

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Odd news from around the world

Sydney taxi driver fined by police for wearing wrongly coloured shoes: “POLICE have been left red faced after they fined a taxi driver for wearing brown shoes. Sydney cabbie Pierre Chahoud was busted for his shocking shoe slip up at the city’s Star casino early last month, reported the Daily Telegraph. Waiting at the casino’s cab rank, Mr Chahoud said he was approached by a police officer at about 7am. “He saw me wearing my brown shoes and said, ‘You’re not in your proper uniform … and you are in a no-stopping zone,’” Mr Chahoud said. “Then he said ‘If you have a good record I will only give you the smaller fine for the shoes.’” Sure enough, Mr Chahoud received just the one fine, for the shoes, amounting to $100. But when he decided to pursue the matter NSW Police took a step backwards (presumably not in brown shoes) and annulled the footwear fine. While wearing an incorrect uniform was indeed an offence, the Government did away with the penalty in December as part of a wider reform that also legalised ride-sharing service UberX in the state”

Genius burglar: “A burglar has been jailed after he left a trail of floury footsteps from the scene of the crime right to his own front door. Anthony Rudkin, 48, wore gloves to ransack his neighbour’s flat in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. He was unaware that a large bag of flour had been spilt over the hallway carpet and he had walked right through it. Rudkin returned to his flat having stolen jewellery and a PlayStation 4 from his neighbour who was out at the time. The neighbour returned and alerted police who attended and followed the trail of flour to Rudkin’s address. Inside, they discovered more flour along with a pair of gloves and trainers with the same sole pattern as the one left in the flour. Rudkin later admitted the burglary, on October 11 last year, and was jailed for two years and five months at Bristol Crown Court on Friday.”

Man left fuming after someone sneaked up behind him and locked a PADLOCK through the stretched piercing in his earlobe: “A man has been left angry and confused after discovering a padlock had been attached to his ear stretcher. The man, who goes by the name Tom Grim Fandango Matthews on Facebook, said he was having a break at work and heard a click as an unknown person approached him from behind and locked a padlock through his ear. He was not sure who had supplied his new earring when he posted his bizarre story online – only to be ridiculed by his friends over the incident. He wrote on Facebook ‘So guess what some little w*** stain just did to me if I find you I will put you 6 feet under end of rant c*** [sic]’, with a photo of the padlock dangling from his ear. No-one seemed to have much sympathy for the hapless man – the majority just laughed at his plight.”

Australian man lands a job interview at Kmart 10 YEARS after sending in his application: “A man who received a job offer from Kmart a decade after he applied to work at the retailer has responded in a hilarious Facebook post. Grant Ross from Geelong, Victoria, was surprised to receive the offer as he is now employed at a specialist tertiary hospital in China. After he posted the news on Facebook, social media users have shared the image attracting a barrage of amusing responses with some users recounting similar experiences. Asked whether he wrote back by a Facebook friend, Mr Ross said he was tempted but avoided it in case Kmart kept the job offer on the table.”

Meet the bossy boots ‘Miss Manners’ teaching China’s super rich women the finer points of napkin etiquette, flirting, ‘selfies’ etc.: “Smartly dressed women in dainty white gloves push fine china and cutlery around a table and others practice walking in and out of a room in high heels with books balanced on their heads. An elegant woman in a beige dress, wielding a huge wooden ruler checks her charges have perfected table-setting. Another with gleaming, perfectly pinned hair gives feedback about napkin placement and explains that the plates should not be more than two finger lengths from the edge of the table. It may look like a scene from Downton Abbey, but these wealthy Chinese women are attending finishing school, where they will learn how to pronounce foreign designer brand names and perfect small talk. They have travelled from across China and paid 80,000 yuan (£8,820) to attend Institute Sarita – a boutique finishing school in Beijing”

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