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An impala grins with delight as tick-eating bird gives him the ear-cleaning treatment




Odd news from around the world

Street entertainer who found fame balancing upside down with his head in a bucket killed himself after suffering from depression: “A street entertainer who found fame balancing upside down with his head in a bucket killed himself after suffering depression, an inquest heard. Travis Linton Galleymore was well-known in Plymouth, Devon, after upending himself with his head in a metal pail in the city centre. The 31-year-old committed suicide at Brockley train station, south east London, on August 4. An inquest at Southwark Coroners Court has now heard the South African-born entertainer, who moved to the UK and started performing in 2009, had experienced an angry outburst during a trip to India with his girlfriend in recent years. On another occasion he was sectioned by police, assessed by a mental health team and discharged, it was said.”

Fury as beggar who regularly hits the streets imploring people for food and money is seen getting in to his £50,000 Audi TT: “A beggar says he has received death threats after he was spotted getting into a sports car worth up to £50,000 after a day on the street. Matthew Brinton, who has for years asked for money in Bank Street, Newquay, Cornwall, with his border collie Hazel, was filmed climbing into his Audi TT in a local car park. Mr Brinton, 35, says the sportscar was bequeathed to him by his grandmother. The beggar, who lives with a friend, says that it has since been stolen and he fears for his life after threats from critics. But Brinton says he is in despair and starving because the donations have stopped. One critic said: ‘I’m particularly disgusted as he conned £40 from an elderly gentleman I know to ‘pay for a B&B’ for the night’ Then went home! The poor elderly gent was distraught that his kindness had been abused in such a way'”

Adolf Hitler’s swastika cufflinks gifted to him by Mussolini sells for £1,600 at auction: “A pair of Adolf Hitler’s cufflinks have gone under the hammer at auction in the UK – and sold for a whopping £1,600. The swastika-shaped cufflinks were reportedly a personal gift from Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini to the German Nazi leader. They have the fasces, the original symbol of fascism in Mussolini’s Italy, superimposed over the swastika. Also on sale were a pair of cufflinks which once belonged to Heinrich Himmler, one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, head of the SS and the ‘architect’ of the Holocaust. Held by Mullock’s auctioneers, the sale of a range of toys, collectables and historical artefacts also included Che Guevara’s cigar box, which sold for £12,000.

Amazing moment 11-year-old boy steps up to hit first shot at new golf course in front of Tiger Woods – and hits a hole in one: “Tiger Woods has been famously struggling for form recently, but the former world no.1 was given an unexpected lesson by the most unlikely of teachers yesterday. An 11-year-old boy left the golfing legend stunned after hitting a hole-in-one on the inaugural tee shot at a new golf course. Despite the pressure of performing in front of the 14-time major winner – on a course he designed – Taylor Crozier keeps his cool as he steps up to hit the first shot, scoring the hole-in-one with apparent ease before the crowd erupts in applause. The 11-year-old’s hole in one stuns golfing legend Tiger Woods, who high-fives the youngster before embracing him in a hug. Taylor was invited to take the first tee shot on The Playgrounds at Bluejack National, a new golf course in Montgomery, Texas, which has been redesigned under the watchful gaze of Woods”

Woman ‘possessed by a snake’ shrieks and convulses as she is ‘cured’ during exorcism at African church: “A Zimbabwean priest has performed a dramatic exorcism on a woman who was ‘possessed by a snake’. The woman shrieks and convulses in the footage as priest Teddy Bantu tells the snake to ‘leave us’ in front of a congregation at Bethsaida Ministry Church. Mr Bantu then begins shouting into a microphone and pushing his hand to her head as church volunteers circle round the woman. He shouts: ‘Leave her! Leave!’ as she lets out a shriek, holds out her arms and begins losing balance. The woman lands on the floor with the help of a male member of congregation. She is covered in a blanket as the more than two-and-a-half minute ceremony continues. Priest Bantu’s final shout is: ‘In the name of Jesus!’, before there is a moment of silence. Concluding, Priest Bantu asks her: ‘Who are you?’ and then announces: ‘You are free’.

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