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Odd news from around the world

Bizarre shark with humped back and black, dinner plate-sized eyes washes up on New Zealand beach, terrifying tourists: “A tourist has had the shock of his life after finding a terrifying deep sea creature with bulging eyes washed up on a New Zealand beach. Martin Stehlik, from the Czech Republic, was strolling down Ruakaka Beach with his uncle George Plesky when he found the enormous bigeye thresher shark and quickly used the opportunity to snap rare photos of him holding the creature’s unusually long tail. According to Department of Conservation shark expert Clinton Duffy, thresher sharks hunt offshore and are rarely seen close to beaches. Their long tail is used to stun their prey underwater and due to their small teeth and mouths, are considered mostly harmless to humans.

Sexy energy drinks? “A UNIVERSITY has banned the sale of energy drinks on campus because it said the drinks may lead to “problematic behaviour” like “high-risk sexual activity” and alcohol abuse. Middlebury College in Vermont, also said the beverages may affect students’ academic performance and lead to a culture of stress. The Middlebury Campus, the college’s student newspaper, reported that the ban will take effect on March 7. It applies to popular energy drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar and 5-Hour Energy. Although those products will no longer be sold on campus, students can still purchase them from retailers elsewhere. The college’s Community Council, comprised of faculty, staff and 12 students, approved the decision”

Prisoner finally passes phone hidden up his bottom for 12 days: “THE strain is finally over for triple killer Kon Georgiou — the maximum security prisoner has finally passed the mobile phone that has been stuck up his bottom for 12 days. Splashdown happened in an observation cell at NSW’s Goulburn Supermax on Tuesday after Georgiou went on a hunger strike in an attempt to keep the banned phone safely tucked in nature’s pocket. A spokesman from Corrective Services NSW confirmed: “This successful outcome was a result of the normal procedures used by Corrective Services NSW in situations such as this to rid prisons of mobile phones.” The Rebels bikie has been hanging on grimly since metal was first detected in his bottom on February 11. He had been spotted with a phone in jail and placed on a new Body Orifice Security Scanner (BOSS) chair which picked up a foreign object”

CNN geography again: “BREAKING news: Australia is building a fence on the border of Slovenia. At least, according to cable news channel CNN. The latest in a series of hilarious fails by the US TV station proves what we already knew — Americans just aren’t very good at world geography. The 24-hour news channel is being relentlessly mocked on social media after confusing Australia with Austria in a news report. Either that, or whoever is in charge of the captioning at CNN probably needs a bit of a refresher. US writer Matthew Yglesia picked up on the unfortunate blunder and kickstarted even more jokes with this tweet: “This seems a little paranoid for an island nation thousands of miles away”

Only place we get some peace… the bathroom: “Our busy lifestyles and addiction to smartphones can mean it is hard to find a moment’s peace nowadays. So many of us are now retreating to the bathroom as a refuge, a survey has found. For some, it is a place to ‘find solitude’ and sit quietly away from busier parts of the home. Nearly 3.7million Britons now see the bathroom as a retreat, according to the study. Lifestyle guru Oliver Heath said it is one of the few places we can be at home with our thoughts in a world in which we are ‘always on’ thanks to smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. In a wide-ranging study of modern lifestyles, the survey for DIY chain Homebase also found that two thirds (67 per cent) of us are spending more time in the home. Yet the average family spends just 58 minutes with each other per day – including on the weekends”

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