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Odd news from around the world

Eccentric horse: “REBEL Rover may well be the best named racehorse in Australia, after he dumped his rider and swam 11km in Moreton Bay. Rebel Rover, who is described as “crazy” by his trainer Brad Smith, escaped from jockey Jackson Morris and then spent two hours in the bay before being rescued by a crew including Volunteer Marine Rescue and Brisbane Water Police. The horse tried to escape again as he neared landfall, but Morris averted another disaster by keeping a tight grip on him, by this time with an intrigued crowd looking on. As for Rebel Rover, he was as bright as a button on Friday, still in a playful mood after returning to his box. “He was pig-rooting and bucking like it was one big adventure,” Smith said. “He must have the lung capacity of an absolute freak. Normally horses would give up after about 15 minutes, but he still had all that energy even after the two hours.

‘I want a pasty now!’: Video shows ‘typical Cornish boy’, 2, waking up in middle of the night to demand his favourite meal: “Bizarre food cravings can catch anyone by surprise in the middle of the night but very few people are reduced to tears over them. A hilarious video shows a Cornish toddler embracing his heritage by waking up in the middle of the night screaming for – a pasty. Lando Winchester, 2, was caught on camera by his gobsmacked mum Shaz Morton wailing for his favourite food. ‘I said we didn’t have any – I had to show him there were no pasties in the cupboard. ‘The thing is they were such genuine tears, I felt bad because I could not get him a pasty at midnight. Despite being woken up in the middle of the night, Shaz said she was proud of Lando and described him as a ‘typical Cornish boy’.

‘Stupid’ drug dealing brothers who mocked the female judge who handed them suspended sentences in crude Facebook posts are jailed for TWO YEARS after she found out: “Two brothers hauled back to court for mocking a judge on Facebook after she decided not to send them to prison for drug dealing have now been jailed for two years. Forty minutes after Daniel Sledden, 27, received a suspended jail term from Judge Beverley Lunt, he posted online: ‘Cannot believe my luck 2 year suspended sentance (sic) beats the 3 year jail yes pal! Beverly [sic] Lunt go suck my ****’. Soon after, his brother, Samuel, 22, wrote: ‘What a day it’s been Burnley crown court! Up ur **** aha nice 2 year suspended…’ The defendants, from Accrington, Lancashire, were recalled for a sentence review when the remarks were brought to the attention of the judge. Both will now serve two years after the suspension was lifted by Judge Lunt.”

A fish ‘with legs’ leaves fisherman baffled after pulling the mysterious creature from a river: “WHEN a fisherman pulled this odd creature out of a river, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The strange fish, which appears to have legs, was spotted swimming in the waters of Thailand. After the mind-boggling clip was posted to Liveleak, internet users debated what sort of fish it was. The majority of viewers argued that it was a type of batfish, a tropical creature with a flattened body and protruding beady eyes”.

Indonesian mayor says canned formula milk and instant noodles ‘are making babies gay’: “The mayor of a major Indonesian city has come under fire for suggesting instant noodles and children’s formula is making babies gay. Tangerang Mayor Arief R Wismansyah made the bizarre claim during a pregnancy seminar in the city, located to the west of Jakarta, earlier this week. ‘To create Indonesian children that are healthy smart and competitive, the most important thing is, from the beginning, to provide them adequate nutrition, especially breastfeeding,’ Mr Wismansyah said. Mr Wismansyah went on to canned milk and other similar products were relied upon more heavily nowadays because parents are busier. ‘So, it’s no wonder that recently there are more LGBT,’ he said.”

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