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Odd news from around the world

Japan draws up urgent measures to increase birth rate: “Japan has drawn up urgent measures after it was revealed the population had fallen by a million in the past five years. The latest census confirmed the hard reality long signaled by shuttered shops and abandoned villages across the country; the population is shrinking. In rural areas, even just outside Tokyo, villages are mostly empty, fields are overgrown and bus and train services are intermittent thanks to scant demand. Nearly a third of all Japanese were over 65 years old in 2015. By 2050, almost 40 per cent will be older than 65, according to projections by the National Institute of Population and Social Securities Research.

Bad boys attract a certain type of woman: “That’s according to new research which claims women who prefer ‘formidable and dominant’ men tend to feel more at risk of being the victim of a crime. It follows research that suggests that women who grow up in high-crime areas find dominant men more appealing, perhaps because of the protection they can offer. The latest study, however, is different, because it claims women who are attracted to dominant men generally feel more at risk of victimisation – even when their risk of victimisation is low. ‘Physically formidable and dominant mates (PPFDM) appear to be associated with women’s self-assessed vulnerability,’ said PhD researcher Hannah Ryder from Leicester University. ‘Women with strong PPFDM feel relatively more at risk, fearful, and vulnerable to criminal victimisation compared to their counterparts. ‘[This] is regardless of whether there are situational risk factors present.'”

Little girl drives big boy toy: “While some little girls prefer to play indoors with dolls and tea sets, three-year-old Kora Smith has other ideas. The adorable girl, from Cairns, Queensland, was recently filmed operating her miniature bulldozer like a professional while helping her father out in the garden. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Kora was seen at the controls of her Target bulldozer, which she received as a Christmas present, picking up large loads of recently mown grass and dumping it on areas where the grass had died. Kora, who goes by ‘Kora the Explora’ on YouTube, appeared very focused on the task at hand as her father Quinn Smith filmed her expertly reversing the tiny yellow machine, operating the bucket and returning for a new load. The active toddler also remembered to shake the bucket to make sure all the trimmings were out before returning for more”

A cleaning miracle — with hairspray!: “Any parent can attest that some of the worst stains to tackle are those made by children who decide that their bedroom wall is the best place to draw a masterpiece with markers. Hours of scrubbing, and even re-painting are often the only solution. But one little known cleaning hack is taking the internet by storm, after it was shared in an Australian mothers group on Facebook. The woman, from New South Wales, posted a video on the mothers page showing her spraying budget hairspray onto the marker-covered wall, then wiping it away with a damp cloth. The clip shows the stain dissolving in seconds, and no effort required when wiping away the hairspray, to reveal a clean white wall beneath. The mother behind the video posted the clip to prove it really does work, after being advised of the trick by another mum in the Facebook group. It’s not the only way hairspray can be used in household chores. It can also get stains out of clothing – just spray onto the stain and put in the washing machine like normal.”

Moron telephone technician in Australia: “An NBN Telstra box appears to have been installed so close to a tap that it can no longer be turned on, with a complaint still unresolved almost a week later resulting in a social media backlash. Tammy Marti from Emu Plains in Sydney’s outer-west claims her NBN installation has been botched so badly that it blocks her outdoor tap from turning on. She first complained to the Telstra Facebook page on Sunday, but it appears the issue is still yet to be resolved despite more than thousands of equally outraged customers liking and sharing the post. ‘Apologies for the delay in response Tammy,’ Telstra responded two days later. ‘Are you still needing a hand? We’re happy to assist or at least point you in the right direction.’ Telstra then responded recommending she get in contact with their fault team to arrange a resolution. Ms Marti later again commented on the thread to say she had spoken with the fault team, who informed her she could expect a call within a few days.

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