The giraffe that lost its head

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But it found it again




Odd news from around the world

Matted mutt found tied to a wheelbarrow who’s now set to light up Crufts: “Left chained to a wheelbarrow inside a derelict building in Cyprus, her fur grew so long and matted that her head and tail couldn’t be seen. Abandoned dog Binky was so filthy that she was brown rather than her real cream colour. Now, however, she has undergone a remarkable transformation – which will be completed next month when she appears at Crufts. The crossbreed, called a ‘Cinderella dog’ by new owner Val Lewis, will take part in an obedience class demonstration at the show, run by the Kennel Club. Mrs Lewis, 59, from Coventry, rescued Binky when she was a ‘bag of bones’ just over a year ago after seeing an appeal on Facebook by the charity Cyprus Dog Rescue. ‘Binky is adorable, she’s so soft and loving and friendly. She’s just a happy little dog.’

Why are plane windows rounded?: “It may sound like a minute detail — but the shape of a plane’s windows is actually really important. In the past, square windows were all the rage and many early plane designs featured them. However, by the time the 1950s rolled around, the commercial jetliner rose to fame — and this is when problems began to surface [with the De Havilland “Comet”]. The new planes were capable of flying at greater speeds and at higher altitudes than those of the past, but two of them soon fell apart, disintegrating midair — all because of square shaped windows. This may sound bizarre, but it all comes down to the sharp corners on a square. The corners are natural weak spots, more likely to be stressed and weakened by air pressure changes and as such are a recipe for disaster when it comes to air travel. Curved windowpanes, however, have no focal point and distribute stress evenly — reducing the possibility of cracks or breaks.”

Mayor insists £120,000 bridge built for SQUIRRELS to cross a busy road in Holland was not a waste of money… despite only five of the animals using it in four years: “The mayor of The Hague has refuted claims that a £120,000 ‘squirrel bridge’ built to help the animals cross a motorway near the Dutch city – despite it only being used five times in four years. The flyover bridge was built in 2012, to give squirrels a safe passage from one forestry area to another in the western Netherlands. However, in the past four years, only five squirrels have used the bridge to cross the road – working out at a neat £23,400 per squirrel. In the first two years of the bridge, not a single squirrel walked over it, councillors were told. ‘This is evidenced by monitoring using CCTV cameras on the bridge. Private taxis for the squirrels would have been cheaper,’ The Hague councillor Arjen Dubbelaar told local radio.”

Toyota tough: Vehicle survives a rhino charge: “This is the terrifying moment an angry rhino suffered a serious case of road rage – and charged straight into a group of tourists trapped inside a car. Footage of the remarkable incident shows the animal first taking an unusual interest in the Toyota truck parked on a dusty road next to its grassland home. But this interest quickly turns sinister when the rhino starts trotting towards the jeep – before breaking into a full sprint and ramming it as a group of horrified tourists cower inside. The footage was taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia by Alexandra Poier, who was sitting inside a nearby car at the time. The 48-year-old said the group of tourists inside the car escaped from the vehicle unhurt. The vehicle was pushed across the dirt road by the rhino’s powerful charge, but did not roll over or tip upside down.”

Incredible footage shows 4×4 drive straight up almost vertical hill to amazement of onlookers: “This is the astonishing moment a 4×4 manages to navigate an almost vertical rocky cliff face to gasps of amazement and applause from onlookers. The impressive footage was filmed near Beijing in China and shows the large vehicle maneuvering itself into an almost completely upright position before attempting the daring feat. The 4×4 growls loudly and it then begins its ascent, revving the whole time as the wheels spin and the audience cheers. Somehow the large vehicle manages to make its way to the top of the rocky ravine where it is given a round of applause.

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