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Odd news from around the world

Motorist having sex with his girlfriend as he drove his car at high speed is killed when he crashes head-on into a truck in India: “An Indian man died in a car crash after losing control of the wheel while having sex with his girlfriend in the moving vehicle. The 31-year-old man had picked up his girlfriend in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, and was driving her back to his hometown in nearby Puranpur when the temptation became too strong. The young couple are believed to have engaged in sexual relations while the car was driving down the Pilibhit-Puranpur highway, after which they crashed head-on into a truck. The man died at the scene, while his 24-year-old female companion suffered injuries to her head and a broken leg. Police officers who arrived at the scene said emergency services found the couple naked from the waist down. The 24-year-old woman was taken to a nearby hospital and is believed to be recovering”

Woman uses sign language to chase off pest: “In a Snapchat video posted by Imgur user Tausif007, from the UK, a woman is seen being approached by a stranger but when she uses sign language with him he walks away – leaving the internet shocked by his reaction. The video, captioned: ‘When “I’ve got a Boyfriend” fails, you have to pretend to be deaf’ has been seen over three million times and has prompted heated comments from Imgur users because the man appeared to dismiss the woman just because he thought she was hearing impaired. The clip shows a woman dancing in a club when a random man approaches her and grabs her around the waist. The woman immediately pulls back and then begins to sign several words to him. But he then waves her away, turning his back on her after being convinced she was deaf. Imgur users were shocked that the man dismissed the woman once he thought she was deaf”

Passengers in trouble after millions of dollars worth of ‘hell money’ found: “A COUPLE travelling with millions of dollars worth of fake currency is in real trouble after customs agents found their stash. Ceremonial “Hell Money” is never meant to be spent. The novelty cash is instead intended to be burned as a symbolic offering to the dead. The counterfeit bills, popular in some Asian cultures, are even printed on a special joss paper reserved for items meant to be used for ceremonial fires. The so-called “Hell Money” was found shortly after they arrived at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on a flight from Incheon International Airport. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents discovered 93 bundles of fake $US100 bills and 32 wrapped bundles of Vietnamese dong in the couple’s luggage. Despite the fact that the couple, who had originally started their travels in Vietnam, had a perfectly innocent reason for the bricks of counterfeit cash in their luggage, the money was still seized by the US Secret Service.”

New Zealand court rules on fence that blocked a couple’s $1.5 million view: “A view-blocking fence which wiped out the panoramic harbour vista from a Wellington apartment must go. Environment Court judge Brian Dwyer said on Friday that Peter and Sylvia Aitchison had established their case by an overwhelming margin. Aitchison, along with the Wellington City Council, had asked the court to at least reduce the height of a child’s play fort built by David Walmsley which blocked the Wellington harbour view from their Maida Vale Rd property in the suburb of Roseneath. During the past week, the Aitchisons presented evidence from experts about the effects of the fence that they said had knocked $NZ900,000 ($839,000) off the value of their $NZ1.6 million ($1.49 million) property. The judge said on Friday the effect was objectionable and he agreed with a former Wellington town planner that it was highly offensive.

Over-reaction by Britain’s Keystone Kops: “A man at the centre of a dramatic armed siege in Devon has appeared in court, charged with damaging a biscuit tin. Police clutching assault rifles sealed the house off for several hours while paramedics stood by wearing protective stab vests. Police dogs were also deployed and Nickolas Solomon, 34, was arrested after fleeing to woodland behind the house. He has now appeared in court to deny charges of assaulting a woman by beating, and damaging a biscuit tin worth £24.99. The biscuit tin is believed to have been a square Rowntrees one that the defendant used to keep fishing gear, such as lines and hooks, in it. He claimed: ‘It was a domestic incident that could have been resolved very easily. ‘The whole thing is absolutely pathetic. The police must have spent a fortune on the operation as there were helicopters and everything. ‘But they must look stupid now, as there were no weapons involved and all he did was punch a biscuit tin.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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