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Odd news from around the world

Spaced out cat: “From running around the house, to rolling across the floor and salivating everywhere – it is fair to say that lots of cats are overwhelmed in the presence of catnip. So it is difficult to imagine how this kitty feels after managing to get into a box filled with a pound of the substance – though the animal’s eyes do give some idea. The image of the spaced-out pet was posted online by the feline’s owner, along with the message: ‘I just bought my cat a pound of catnip… good kitty.’ While some people have expressed concern for the animal’s wellbeing, the good news is that catnip is completely non-toxic to cats. So while the pet may need a few hours to calm itself down after getting into the box, it is unlikely to become ill unless it ate a large amount of the plant, which is also unlikely. Catnip is a member of the mint family. Most cats will get over their initial ‘episode’ within about ten minutes, though may take as long as two hours to get back to their normal behavior.”

New ‘most accurate ever’ portrait of William Shakespeare 400 years after his death: “The ‘most accurate’ painting ever made of William Shakespeare has been unveiled. There has only ever been a couple of accurate portrayals of the playwright. But, after studying dozens of portraits of Shakespeare, Geoffrey Tristram argues he has produced the most authentic painting of the man to date. The painting was based closely on the famed etching of Shakespeare by Martin Droeshout in 1622, which friends of the playwright said resembled him. Shakespeare’s death mask and a painting from 1810, known as the Chandos portrait, was also used. Mr Tristram told The Telegraph: ‘I turned him into flesh and blood. Like a chap you might see down the pub.

The woman whose eyes yield STONES: “A woman from China has claimed that stones the size of soybeans keep coming out of her eyes. According to her husband, Liang Xinchun, stones can be discovered under his wife’s eyelids whenever she suffers from a headache, the People’s Daily Online reports. The couple from Lufang village, east China’s Shandong province, say local doctors have been baffled by the symptom and are not able to treat her. The woman named Ding Aihua said she started suffering from the peculiar condition around seven years ago when she began to feel a pain in her eyes. Her husband Liang Xinchun was shocked when he discovered a stone under her eyelid. He said he managed to remove the stone but after a while, another stone appeared. According to Liang, the hard silverish white stones were hard to remove. He says he has to use a small piece of iron wire to ease them out.”

Police football enthusiast: “A police officer described as a once ‘glowing star’ has been sacked for going to a rugby match while on emergency duty and ignoring a 999 call so he could watch the end. Gloucestershire Police began disciplinary proceedings against Pc Jason Charles but while these were ongoing the 30-year-old found his conduct brought into question again when he drunkenly punched and smashed a glass in a pub. It happened after he was told he could face action for parking his patrol car at Gloucester Rugby Club’s Kingsholm Stadium and going in during extra time of a close-fought European Cup play-off match between Gloucester and Connacht last May. While in the ground, in full uniform, he received radio calls from his control room about two incidents. He answered one but not the other, which was a ‘Grade One’ 999 call from a woman at a nearby address.”

Wheelie bin prank: “YouTuber and inventor Colin Furze posted a video of his remote control wheelie bin prank yesterday. He had already painted a comical looking face on the bin before the video starts. For prank number one the contraption waits outside a house ready for the weekly waste collection. As the bin man approaches the trash container suddenly begins to scurry away, much to the amazement of the waste collector. But the wheelie bin has bigger pranks in store, and makes its way to the centre of town. Shocked drivers cannot believe what they are seeing as the bin rolls across the road in front of them, before intruding in on two women sharing a coffee. In the next harmless prank a woman is made to pause before exiting a store, making way for the bin to prowl up and down the aisles.

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