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Odd news from around the world

Boy, 4, jailed for life over four ‘murders’ committed when he was one: “AN EGYPTIAN four-year-old boy has been sentenced to life in jail for committing four murders when he was aged only one year old. Ahmed Mansour Karni was convicted of four counts of murder, eight counts of attempted murder, vandalising security property and threatening soldiers and police officers in a military court in Cairo this week. He was not in court when he was convicted. The boy was among 115 defendants who were given life sentences for the crimes committed in early 2014 in his home province of el-Fayoum, 70km south of Cairo. But his defence lawyer, Faisal al-Sayd, said Ahmed’s name was added to the list by mistake. Another Egyptian lawyer, Mohammed Abu Hurira, said the case showed that the “Egyptian scales of justice are not reversible” and that “there is no justice in Egypt”.

Weed invading salads: “IT HAS long been regarded as a nuisance that gardeners want to banish from their lush lawns or vegetable patches. But now chickweed has suddenly found favour – by becoming the latest food fad. Leading chefs are lauding its intense flavour and are using the leaf to enhance dishes such as crab salads in top restaurants. While the large leaves can be bitter, smaller leaves have a fresher, tender taste, and resemble that of pea shoots or chard. Rene Redzepi, the chef at one of the world’s best restaurants, Noma in Copenhagen, set the trend for adventurous foraging by transforming forest moss into a star dish. Since then British chefs have turned to our own hedgerows to identify forgotten foods for the dinner plate. Now chickweed has stormed into the list of niche ingredients which also include pennywort and purslane.”

Airforce stole our rain, says Cyprus as British military is bizarrely accused of interfering with the weather: “A few extra dry days are the last thing you’d expect to cause a row on the sun-kissed Mediterranean island of Cyprus. But the Royal Air Force has reportedly been accused by the Cypriot government of interfering with the weather – so its Tornado and Typhoon aircraft can fly missions to Syria and Iraq in clear conditions. The bizarre claim emerged after local weathermen forecast heavy rain for early February only for the period to remain dry. Last night, an island newspaper reported that the Cypriot government was accusing British forces of cloud-seeding – a technique using a chemical to divert rain clouds. Agriculture minister Nicos Kouyialis is said to have ordered an official inquiry. The Ministry of Defence said: ‘There is no truth in these claims and the MoD is not aware of any inquiry.”

Another horror fish: “A bizarre deep sea creature with bug eyes and dozens of needle-like teeth has been pulled ahsore – the second sea monster to appear in Australian waters in less than a week. The outlandish creature was caught off the Victoria state coast by a fishing trawler, the South East Trawl Fishing Industry Association said. Experts said the animal may be an Endo’s Goosefish – Lophiodes endoi, also known by some people as ‘monkfish’ – a deepwater member of the anglerfish family. Growing to 38cm, this species can be found around the south-eastern and western margins of Australia’s continental shelf in waters ranging from 275-500m deep. Angler fishes possess some of the most impressive teeth and ensure that once prey enters their mouths, there is no chance of escape.

Bungling armed robber caught by DNA from his saliva: “An armed robber was caught after his DNA was found on a piece of Sellotape he had used to tie-up his victims during a supermarket raid. Gavin Williams ambushed a manager and two female workers outside the Co-op store in Pontycymmer, south Wales, around 6am on November 16 last year. The 35-year-old, who acted with an accomplice, tore the tape into strips with his teeth before binding the trio’s hands. He was jailed for six years on Thursday after forensics experts traced his DNA from saliva left on the tape. Cardiff Crown Court heard Williams had targeted the group, which included two workers aged 57 and 58, as they arrived for work. John Lloyd, prosecuting, said: ‘They were ordered to get down on their knees and put their hands out and the defendant bit off lengths of Sellotape to bind their wrists together – leaving his DNA behind.'”

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